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Talika Lipocils & Black Bloggers Session

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Introducing a product for amazing lashes. That's what I have been told, heard and seen on other people. Personally I have not tried any lash treatment products and I never really thought about it until I attended the bloggers session for the latest Talika Lipocils & Black when I saw Talika's rep from Hong Kong with crazy long lashes and she already had long lashes before she started using it. Ooo even longer lashes for lil ol' me perhaps? Tammy & Jean please don't hate me more. :P

Talika has specialised in lash growth since 1948 when they first launched their Eyelash Cream. 48 years later, it was repackaged Lipocils from a pot to a tube with a brush-through wand. In 2010 the formula changed and so did the name to Lipocils Expert, so as to include not only lash growth but also intensify natural lash pigmentation and to enhance curl. They didn't stop there because this year Talika introduces Lipocils & Black.

Talika Lipocils & Black is a two in one product which consists of treatment and mascara. Lipocils is made from natural botanical formula consisting of 12 plant extracts which includes nettle, hamamelis and apple. Didn't know that apples could give such results. It stimulates, protects and strengthens the lashes and further optimise their growth. The original formula has been enriched with photoprotective and anti-radical active ingredients that act directly on lash roots. Hence longer, stronger and more curled. You can see obvious results in 28 days.

The Mascara end is no ordinary mascara. It is made from an exclusive formula which stimulates keratin synthesis and lengthens lashes. It also instantly dresses lashes in a rich black colour.

Tammy @ Plusizekitten, a popular blogger shared her testimonial on that day after trying it for 28 days says she saw results. In her words "With Talika, there's hope now to have lashes as long and sexy as Fatin's. I'm not going to stop till then. Hate me please." Note that I did not edit or change what she said. How my name got there, I have no idea. *laughs*

I got a chance to try Lipocils and Black too but seriously I didn't expect results in just one application.

I'm curious to see how my lashes will look like after 28 days. By the way, this product is for all who want longer, darker thicker and lush lashes. Yes a review soon plus a quote that goes with it! :)

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  1. always same comment when i see ur lashes...
    i start using it few days ago too.. hope i can get half of ur beautiful long curl lashes!!


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