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White Musk Libertine from The Body Shop

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Liberated Independant Strong! Words that best decribes the modern woman. What better way to celebrate National Women's Day than with the launch of a new fragrance from The Body Shop, White Musk Libertine. It epitomizes strong, sensual and bold women the world over. A perfect match don't you think..

Available in stores October 23

The main ingredients are Turkish Delight, Chantilly Cream and Orchid. It's soft, sensual, sophisticated yet playful!! Pretty sure I'm being bias but I'm lurvin Libertine for the Chantilly Cream and Turkish Delight. How can I not? Not only does it sound enticing it's a gorgeous scent!

With the Original White Musk which I thought was more on the matured side

Libertine come in variants of EDP, EDT and Shower Gel

The Union Jack gone pastel! I likey! It was meant to be this way.

Sneak Peek
Stills from White Musk Libertine Advert! This is a first for The Body Shop.

The advert is just so British!

The event held at the Fahrenheit 88 store was attended by many strong and independant women including media, local libertine celebs, women from various NGOs as well as empowered women from the United Nations High Comissioner for Refugess (UNHCR).

Datin Mina Cheah-Foong at the event

The Body Shop Malaysia celebrated women and their achievements past, present and future. Malaysian women have achieved so much in recent year that we not only deserve to be recognised for our work and efforts but also pampered for them. *smiles* Joining in the wonderful event were 10 specially selected refugee women from UNHCR who have help with needs in teir communities in areas of education, healthcare and livelihoods of other women seeking refuge hear in Malaysia.

Entertained by Jo Kukathas. I had a good laugh with her stand up act as Curry Spice!

Henna art and hand massages

Makeover sessions

It was The Body Shop's special way of celebrating Women's Day not because it's fashionable but it's the only way they know how! Awesome one TBS!

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