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A Wedding - A rare sight of me

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This must be the fastest planned wedding I've ever come across. After about 10 years, a friend of mine and her high school sweetheart finally tied the knot! Some relationships don't even make it past a few weeks what more years. This one I suppose was meant to be. *Awwww...*

The Bride

My friend chose her Muslim name a few weeks ago and when I heard what it was, I couldn't stop launghing. I was like wow, that's heavy name to carry but hey as long as she's lurving it. The ceremony went well despite the unbearable heat which I nearly fainted from and almost melted my make up. *being dramatic* I'm just completely drained now, just thought I'd share some photos from this afternoon.

Not that I'm much of a pink fan but that tray with the bag and camera was a tempting option to run away with!

The tea ceremony and dinner is next weekend and I have to frantically hunt for an outfit this week. Another excuse to shop! *grinss*

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  1. The pictures are lovely! You in a baju kurung, now that's a rare sight! Lol...


Appreciate your comments >_<