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Lickable - MAC Cremesheen

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I decided to do some experimenting when I realised playing it safe all the time can be such a bore. Does that sound naughty? Lol! I thought the intro went well with my current fave MAC Cremesheen in Lickable.

I don't usually wear bright lip colours. So while digging through my stash I came across this bright pink one that I was convinced I couldn't carry off. It's in-yo-face and bound to make a statement. It's rich and very well pigmented with fine shimmer particles. I did noticed after a few hours it got a bit drying on the lips, so you're better off putting on a tiny bit of lip balm before the colour.

I took the Lickable on a trial run to see if it suited me when I attended the uREKA x Zero to Ten art exhibition-fashion show at The Twelve by MIFA about 2 weeks ago and I completely adore it now. I applied a clear gloss on top of the colour just to enhance it and thought it looked great. I think this colour would work really well on most skin tones. But it really is an attention seeker so best if you try it on first before settling on it.

For uREKA x Zero to Ten write up click here.

MAC Cremesheen range retails at RM68

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