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Anna Sui Autumn II 2011 Nail Colours

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Anna Sui's latest Autumn II 2011 Nail Colours are perfect to complete the holiday/party look. It comes in Nail Colour N and Nail Art Colour N ranges. The bottle is just so adorable. It's dressed in a vintage ballgow with a fresh vibe.

The colours I have with me are the glitter ones from the Nail Art Colour N range. It is formulated with a resin that gives extra luster with a high gloss finish. It's quick drying formula is great. Each coat only took about 3 minutes to completely dry. I was actually doing my nails while typing and there was no smudging. Anna Sui has also made the nail colours environmentally and nail friendly - the base is free of toluene, DBP and formalin.

The fine glitter particles are suspended in a clear polish allowing you to be creative with it. Despite lurving colours on my nails I'm not much into nail art so what I did for this one was just wear it on its own and also layered it on my existing colour.

The glitter nail colour goes on smoothly though it was a bit of a challenge getting the glitter bits out. I eventually got the hang of it. Plus after 2 coats my nails looked all glitzy. As all Anna Sui nail colours it leaves that Anna Sui signature Tea Rose Scent. Just wait a few minutes for the varnish smell to go off then you get that light tea rose scent that lingers on your nails. It lasts for about 2-3 days unless you don't wash your hand much. lol. I applied Anna Sui Base Coat N before splashing my nails with the glitter nail colour.

Taking into account the work my hands go through daily, loads of typing, chores and a bunch of other things, wear at the tip began to show after about 4  days. But it's hardly noticeable since the base is clear after all.

Gold Glitter Nail Colour (802)
A mix of fine and slighty bigger round gold glitter suspended in clear base. This looks naturally glam on it's own. Like this!

Neon Mix Glitter Nail Colour (081)
A mix of red, silver and refelective fine pieces of glitter suspended in clear base. You know what this reminds me of.. rainbow sprinkles! Or maybe it's the dairy deprivation for the past few months that has made me think of ice cream and sprinkles. *sigh* Yummy nails!

Green Glitter Nail Colour (980)
Fine green glitter suspended in a clear base. As the glitter was really fine compared to the other two colours it was a tad difficult to get the desired coverage with only two coats. So I applied 3 coats so that it'll show in the photos.

These Anna Sui Nail Art Colour N and Base Coat N retails at RM54 each. Available now at all Anna Sui Counters.

Note: Products provided by the PR company for Anna Sui Malaysia.

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