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Gucci Guilty Intense - For Him & Her

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Remember the hawtt photos of Chris Evans and Rachel Evan Woods as faces of Gucci Guilty I posted up in June (here). Well Gucci Guilty Intense and Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme launched this year, with the same sexy duo and as the name describes it, more powerful and intense than the original ones. The ad campaign has also gotten loads more seductive!

Gucci Guilty Intense

The female edition of Gucci Guilty has been awarded the Fragrance Foundation’s highest honours - Fragrance of the Year, Best Media Campaign of the Year , Best Packaging of the Year for the Women’s Luxe category and the all-encompassing "Fragrance Superstar" award. Gucci Guilty Intense will bring it to a different level completely. It's for the woman who dares to herself to embrace ever more powerful sensations.

Unlike the original which was an eau de toilette, Gucci Guilty Intense is an eau de parfum, a provocatively warm oriental floral with passion at its core. It opens with the top notes of mandarin and a stronger hint of pink pepper. The middle notes reveal a blossoming of lilac, enriched with the sensual femininity of powdery violet and heliotropine. The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances reaches a new intensity laced with an addictive, amber-rich sillage. The richness and warmth is at once arresting and enthrallingly seductive.

Compared to the Gucci Guilty, the Intense version comes in a bottles encapsulated in a more opulent gold with a bolder and darker liquid. The signature interlocking Gs never fails to demand attention.
There is no better heroine to potray Gucci Guilty Intense but Evan Rachel Woods. A performer celebrated as one of the foremost talents of her generation. Talented, beautiful, powerful and amazingly sexy!

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme

The first thing that comes to mind, "Chris Evans looks super hawtt!" *droolss.. don't judge me, I know you're thinking the same thing.. It's Captain America we're talking about!* He has a powerful presence on and off screeen and the dangerous dark character he potrays in the Gucci Guilty campaign is intoxicating and indescribably delicious.

Unlike its other half Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme is an eau de toilette which is profoundly masculine and alluring. Seducing you with top notes of Italian lemon and invigorating lavender, undercut with a tang of coriander. The middle notes of orange flower and neroli  entices even more. The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances reaches a new potency laced with the driest amber and a leather-rich sillage - robustly earthy, yet suggestively exotic.

The packaging features the signature interlocking Gs and it replicates its sleek fusion of metal and flint glass. However, the original’s muted metallic casing has been transformed into a richer, more opulent shade with a bolder and darker liquid.

I rather like the woman's fragrance. Though more intense than the original, it's not exactly overpowering. It's warm and sexy. As for the men's I think it's more on the softer side for some reason. But don't get me wrong, I still find it wildly seductive. Guys are you reading this?! Lol! *winks*

Will update the retail price this evening. ^^

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