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AsterSpring Signature Touch Launched

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I have never seen or heard of a dancing facial/massage until recently. Dancing facial/massage? Seriously? I was so amused when I witnessed what must be a the first ever dancing facial/massage around. However it's not one of those things you can see while getting a facial, I mean you can't possibly turn and look. I suppose the only way is to get it recorded. Then again, do the therapist really do 'The Dance'? *wonders*

Well AsterSpring recently launched this exciting new Signature Touch 'pre-step' to a facial or a treatment. Despite being newly introduced it has already managed to get fans among local celebs namley Jojo Struys, Atilia Haron, Mayjune Tan and Thanuja Ananthan.  They all agreed that a relaxing facial or treatment is essential to unwind and rejuvenate the skin and body especially when leading hectic lifestyles.

Getting a wax mould of my hand done at the launch

AsterSpring Signature Touch is a unique combination of facial, neck and shoulder massage specially developed to help relieve physical and mental stress as well as boost energy via active circulation. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage accompanies each facial and treatment at Aster Spring. The hands administering the facial and massage is just as important as the treatment itself. Yes, it's all about the hands.

AsterSpring Signature Touch consists of three unique hand techniques, to facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation. It administers gentle presses on the body's solar plexus to circulate nourishment to skin cells, light pulsing, on the face to promote gentle drainage of toxins and smoothing, effleurage with light kneadings on facial muscles to ease tension and promote active circulation of blood and energy.

AsterSpring's promise of a personal touch is complemented by its personalised consultation. Among the services its skin centres provide is a skin analysis to help customers have a better understanding of their skin concerns, so that the affected areas can be targeted to deliver optimum results. Not only that, AsterSpring's team of experts will also prescribe the formula that best cater to each individual's skin needs.

AsterSpring has 34 centres conveniently situated in major malls throughout Malaysia, women and men (there's nothing wrong with men pampering themselves) can easily pop by for a rejuvenation and result-orientated skin therapy. Treat your skin to the personal touch it deserves.

For more info on the new AsterSpring centre and its products, treatments and promotions, vivst and official facebook page at or call AsterSpring Customer Client Service Careline at (603)7809 666 from Mondays to Fridays during normal business hours.

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  1. did u get to volunteer for the massage?!!!

  2. no i didn't but i'm going to try it soon and request for the 'dancing'. lol


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