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Live and Let Die

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That shade of green on my nails is To Die For!!  It's OPI Skyfall Live and Let Die. Described as forest/blackened green with green and gold shimmer, I feel mysteriously dangerous wearing this shade. 

I got my nails done at a Bloggers Pampering Party on Saturday which I will talk about more in a separate post. Wouldn't want to give too much away. But what I will say is that I made the manicurist paint on two other colours before deciding I didn't fancy them then made her take it all off. Fussy! Then I took a look at the Skyfall collection and realised Live and Let Die was the perfect green. It had to be green you see because apparently I found out at the session that GREEN is my birth colour. The characteristics of which are only about 30% correct - I'm neutral, I love animals and they are attracted to me, and that I hate to waste hence I tend to reuse things. The rest of which I'm still baffled with. You should have seen the expression I had. *laughs*

I would like to think the jumper I had on kept me warm since I wasn't feeling too well but with quite a large chiffon area, I think it was only my arms that were feeling toasty. Dinner helped though. I really need to get more sleep. *sigh*

Jumper: Forever21 | Skirt: Old | Earrings: Diva

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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