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The Season to Dazzle @ Berjaya Times Square

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This Christmas season, some beauty brands forming the Beauty Zone at 1st Avenue are getting together to offer you a treat with products and services. Each brand will have their consultants at hand to advise and answer questions.

In conjuction with the launch of The Season to Dazzle, I was invited to a Bloggers Workshop at SUB International School of Beauty & Make Up. The outlet is not offers over 20 professional courses but also sells tools and kits from the SUB brand at the front of the shop. I really like the interior of the shop, it looks like New York industrial loft with a metropolitan twist. It has been the rage since last year here in KL. High glass door at the entrance, high stools and long make up table with Hollywood-style mirror with lights made it look as though you're stepping into a different environment.

I suppose talking about the interior is my way of not really getting into the workshop. *laughs* Miyuki, the instructor from BUB International School of Beauty and Make Up conducted a workshop on Special Effects Make Up which I suppose may be intriguing but personally I have no interest in.

Starting with how to create a bruise effect using eye shadow, how to make blood and designing cuts, burn wounds, lacerations, gun shot wounds and a few other wounds. It would come in handy for halloween. Looking as how it's passed this year, there's all next year. Instead of using 'ready made blood' which is expensive Miyuki demonstrated on how to make it using water, red food colouring and tapioca flour. To design wounds, use glue and cotton.

Credit to Tammy of Plus Size Kitten for holding on to my camera and taking these photos for me as everyone in attendance decided to crowd around a small table to 'take a better look' at how things were done despite the fact that the demonstration was clearly visible from one feet away. What were the stools there for again? Go figure.

After that was over we went for a quick break at Starbucks and decided to try on Arisa of Irrevocable Passion bear ears hat. Yes, it went around the table. Adorable! I want one of those!

I was suppose to get a makeover by SUB International School of Beauty and Make Up before getting my photo taken at the Christmas Photo Booth but since I was in hurry to rush off to another event I decided not to. So the girls ie Tammy, Jean, Reiko, Arisa and I had our own photo session without the makeover instead.

Brands which for The Beauty Zone are AGift With Care a CSR project of Universal Joy Sdn Bhd which provides gainful employment to special people, Flormar a brand founded in Milan in the 70's, Holika Holika - Korea's number one cosmetic brand among female youth, MaskSlim a new concept store with tons of masks for various concerns, Mozz Perfume Collection which carries premium quality fragrances, Savee a Singapore based company, Tsuya Tsuya a Singapore based beauty and nail company and Whitney Interantional Academy which provides comprehensive professional makeup training courses.

1st Avenue is also the official host of this season's redemption gifts, make you way to 1st Floor East to participate in:
  • A Whiff of Enchantment - Spend a minimum of RM250 in no more than 2 same day receipts and the LE aromatherapy  gift set if yours!
  • Be The Fairest of Them All - Get a free makeover by SUB International School of Beauty & Make Up when you spend RM100 in no more than 2 same day receipts. This also entitles you to enter the next contest, Dazzle & Win.
  • Dazzle & Win - After the makeover by SUB ISBM at the Beauty Zone, snap a photo at the Christmas Photo Booth @ 1st Avenue and share it on Berjaya Times Square wesite or Facebook fan page. For T&C refer to either one. Win: professional make up courses, various prizes from Whitney Interantional Academy, SUB International School of Beauty & Make Up, AGift With Care and Etude House exceeding RM35,000!
There is also a FREE Gift Wrapping Service at the redemption desk at 1st Avenue. No minimum purchase required and offer valid while stocks last. 

For more details visit Berjaya Times Square website of their Facebook fan page or call Customer Care Hotline at 1-300-888-988.

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  1. saw myself camwhoring in the final pict on ur post. LOL LOL LOL
    btw, u are damn fast... it just happened yesterday!

  2. LOL!!! i just saw it!! i don't have photo of you. oh wait, coz i was holding your camera. :P

    this one easy to do. hehe

  3. OMG So fast you post this up!!
    All the photos are still in my camera >_<

  4. Lol!! No worries. I have lots to do that's why I clear this one first. :)


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