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Review: Scholl Autumn/Winter Collection 2012

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Wearing Scholl's Destinee in Wine

When I hear Scholl I think specialist footwear, footwear that is designed for comfort or to correct a certain condition. Style however, not so much. I'm still not too sure whether I managed to make this pair I picked out from the Destinee range, less 'aunty'. So I came to a conclusion that if you are the type person that is concerned as to whether foot wear looks trendy and still want some sort of comfort, make sure your dressing is funky and stay away from anything too slouchy. It would help. A bit about Scholl before you guys read my review on that pair I'm wearing.

Scholl has been around for more than 100 years and is still going strong when it comes to introducing footwear and foot care solutions with the latest innovations and technologies to ensure the best care for feet.

Keeping to its use of various footbed comfort technologies, Scholl Autumn/Winter 2012 strikes a good balance between comfort and design. They have come a long way when it comes to design as they have managed to incorporate a more young style to attract and make themselves noticed by a younger market.

The Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection which will be successively launched till December features various distinct styles and designs to suit every woman's preference.

Dania comprises of three distinct sandal design which will provide adequate arch support and comfort that will last you the whole day. Colours available are brown, dark orange, black beige and red.

If you are into wedges, you might want to have a look at Scholl's Destinee  range. They are uniquely designed to be open-toed and providing you with the options of a sling-sling back or slip-on. They come in basic black and white, autumn shades of mustard yellow, wine and bronze.

Scholl's Bio-Mechanics range affords ultra comfort due to the Bio Mechanic footbed. this type of footbed is clinically designed to help realign the posture of the feet, thus relieving the wearers of some of the most common foot problems. Women will have a choice of floral designs as well as bold colours of gold, silver and pewter, where as the men have either black or brown rugged slipper designs to choose from.

Speaking of choices for men, yes they do men shoes as well. If you are an active guy, the Darron series is a lace-up sporty range which comes in either low-cut or high-cut designs. These come in blue, khaki and dark brown. Scholl's Men Festive is for you working guys out there. From what I know, guys usually fancy comfy footwear for work with a classic look. So this is worth taking a look at as the price is also very reasonable.

If you are like me and seem to walk a lot, the Christina 2 range offers a good range of walking shoes. It's sensible, comfy and provides the essential support to keep your feet happy. It comes in dark brown, khaki, black and beige.

Slippers and slip-ons also makes a comeback with Scholl this season with the Doris range. It features feminine floral prints on comfy footbed. Doris comes in brunt orange, bronze, cream, black and white.

To complete the collection, Scholl's Festive Ladies gives you working ladies out there when it comes to comfort footwear for work. It comes in three distinct sleek designs that provides all day long comfort which is available in black and beige.

I didn't realise they had quite a big selection. So when I was asked to choose a pair from the AW'12 Collection for review, it took me a while to decide. What can I say, I'm fussy and I was trying to choose the one that I could style best and looked less 'aunty'. I couldn't help it.

I finally settled on Destinee in Wine. I suppose it was for the colour. This one I picked features a raised ball in the middle of the footbed. I was told it massages the sole of your feet, smoothes away tension in the feet as well as improves blood curculation. Only thing is when I wore it, I couldn't feel that massage ball even when I walked. My only explanation is that my arches are a tad on the high side. *sigh* That said, I lasted walking around for a good 4 hours before I noticed my feet were starting to feel tired. That's a lot longer than my other wedges. I'm guessing because these wedges are super light as well, that's why I lasted that long.

The sole of the wedges has a decent grip on dry surface as I didn't experience any slipping or sliding. But with any shoes unless the sole is specially designed for it, tread carefully on wet surfaces.

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised with was the open toe design. It did not cut into my feet at all. In fact it hugged the shape of my feet well without flapping making walking a breeze. The height on these wedges are perfect!

*Note: Shoes courtesy of Scholl Malaysia.

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  1. i like this pair!!! nice! nowadays all brands have to go funky cause nobody like comfy but ugly shoes anymore!

  2. See??? toldja this pair was nice~ :-P

  3. Jean: lol! that's true. but i wish they would consider changing the colour of the wedge though for future range.

    Arisa: i think the black wedges you got is less auntier than this one. lol


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