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Review: Burberry Lip Cover in Sepia Pink

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It was a tough choice. In the end I narrowed it down to either the Sheer Eye Shadow in Mulberry (No.24) or the Lip Cover in Sepia Pink (No.32). Saying I wanted both was not an option (lol!!), so I opted for the lippie. I figured lippie was a more practical choice for me especially since it's a sensible neutral pink shade. As though I don't have enough lippies as it is. *sheepish smile*

wearing sepia pink

There are two shades of Lip Covers from the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection - Sepia Pink and Mocha Brown. As I mentioned in my previous post I tried on Mocha Brown a completely brown shade, out of sheer curiosity and you know what, I couldn't carry it off to save my life. However I was told that Mocha Brown will most likely suit darker skin tones.

So I was left with Sepia Pink which is a deep pink and on my lips would appear like my lip colour only better. Yay for my choice! Shade aside, the lip cover comes in a very modern gun metal tube. On the cover are etchings of Burberry's iconic check details with the brand name on the tube. Very luxe! What I really like about the packaging is the soft magnetic closure, which means the cover will never accidentally come off *touch wood*. That's happened to me a number of times especially since I usually just chuck my lip colour of the day in my bag filled with 'rubbish'. Not only was the cover all so glam, the lippie itself has the Burberry iconic checks details embossed into it.

Sepia Pink lip cover is Burberry's answer to a soft satin lipstick. The texture is light due to the combination of nourishing oils and gel giving it intense moisture and long lasting colour. It also contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition.

The formula is great. It's creamy and I find that is moisturises my lips for as long as I have it on without having to apply a lip balm underneath. It glides on with ease. It almost covers my natural lip colour in just one layer. You can go for a soft look with one layer. But it looks great with a second layer, as the colour is bolder and shows loads better.

I would say it lasts for about 3 hours before going off. Due to its creamy texture it tends to leave a colour line on the lip line. I know we would normally just reapply on top of whatever's left. But here's tip for creamy formulas: Wipe off all traces of colour and reapply a fresh coat. You can also use your finger to apply it for a more natural colour.

This is a really nice shade for Autmun/Winter 2012. The only gripe I have is the hefty price tag for a lippie. But then again, there's no reason not splurge once in while especially since this is a perfect colour for the season.

Lip Cover in Sepia Pink retails at RM96 for 3.8gram.

*Note: Product courtesy of Burberry Beauty Malaysia.

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  1. the embossed lipstick is crazy glam! i wan!
    plus.. u know what i am going to say whenever u have a close-up photo on ur blog right?????
    I so hate you for your long lashes!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cool right!! the lipstick i mean. :P
    look jean, my lashes are waving.. LOL!!!


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