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Le Rêve Jewellery @ Suen Jewellers - Bloggers Tea Party

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I was lusting over some serious bling at Suen Jewellers recently during their Bloggers Tea Party. How could I not especially with a brilliant neck piece costing over RM174,000 starring at me right in the face. As it is, I have been breaking my kitty bank ever so often to fund my endless shopping sprees, so I'm just going to continue lusting. *sighh*

Suen Jewellers named after the owner who used to be one half of The Carat Club, was founded in 2010. They carry their in house brand made and designed by their own designers at their onsite factory as well as a few other brands.

The highlight of the tea session was the introduction/launch of Le Rêve Jewellery first collection. We were informed that the collection arrived earlier in the day which made it that much more exciting being the first few people to lay eyes on such gorgeous pieces. Le Rêve literally means "The Dream" in French. Being a French brand, the design could either be delicate and fine or bold and exquisite. I find this first collection to be a mix of both.

I'm guessing Le Rêve figured it would bring good luck to use auspicious animals especially those from the 12 Chinese zodiacs on their carved mixed metal pendants. It slides to the side for engraving to be done and if you are getting it for a loved one, engraving is very popular. They also featured dragon and phoenix designs on earrings and brooches.

Speaking of dragon, the piece that got everyone all bothered was the exquisitely crafted dragon neck piece, the cost of which you could easily put as a down payment for a house. Handcrafted, the attention to detail is incredible. It took between 2-3 months to complete. The design in infallible with each and every part of the dragon looking as though it's about to come alive and breath fire. Made from precious stones like champagne sapphire, yellow sapphire, rubies and various other stones the colour is truly rich and vibrant. Perfect for a bold statement and is the only one of its kind in the world. This is the one that costs about RM174,000.

The other pieces that were a huge hit were the animal rings. This is not something you would say about jewellery but gosh were they cute! There was the squirrel one which everyone wanted, the elephant which looked adorably majestic, the frog which looked surprisingly chic and the snake that make a few people went "Take that away from me!". Again the awesome details made them look like bejeweled semi-live creatures. 

Suen Jewellers is also the home of The Love Diamond that of which excels as a sparkler of unsurpassed beauty and perfection.. The Love Diamond Boutique is a favourite destination for many couples offering the finest bespoke wedding bands then can be personalised upon request, diamond and jewellery. The classic pieces are timeless and stylish. When it comes to diamonds we I'm sure we girls all know The 4Cs - Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity.

In one of the other showrooms there were two other French names - Lalique and Daum. Lalique is a glass designer known for his Art Deco style and a jewellery designer known for his art nouveau designs. The collection at Suen was but a fraction. I checked out the collection of jewellery online and gosh they were gorgeous naturally on the higher price bracket. I was pleasantly surprised that Suen carried very affordable pieces from Lalique and they were just as beautiful. But what attracted me were the glass pieces from Lalique. Finely crafted and definitely meant to be the centre of attracted especially with the combination of polished and matte glass in a single design. The play with dimension really brings the creations to live making it very 3D like.

Daum has been around since early 20th Century. In fact they are the initiator of modern glassmaking. Their style ranges from Art Nouveau to decorative arts. Over the years they have collaborated with the world's greatest and most prestigious artists, namely Salvador Dali, Arman, César, Dan Dailey, André Deluol, Lalanne, Paloma Picasso, Roland Topor and Manolo Valdès expressing themselves through the medium of crystal. Today, Daum, the most artistic of luxury brands, takes a more dazzling place than ever among current trends, and, most strikingly, that of contemporary art.

SUEN Jewellers Sdn Bhd | website
No.119 Jalan Maarof
Taman Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2284 8613
Fax: 603-2284 8663

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  1. i am sure when you see all those blink blink, your eyes are blinking tooo!!!! too bad it is not what we can easily afford isn't it?

  2. my eyes went crazy bling!! lol!! yeah the prices are definitely not in the affordable range but we can still loom and wish it was ours right. :P

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