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New! Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive

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Introducing the new Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive, women can now combat signs of premature ageing around the eye contour using natural eye care that is gentle and effective. Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive is a complete eye care which is able to provide triple action against premature signs of ageing, targeting the three major concerns of active Asian women which include the formations of eye wrinkles, appearance of dark circles and visible signs of eye fatigue.

Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive helps to revitalize the eyelids and provide moisture that helps smoothen the eye contour. Based from a study conducted by Clarins, 25 women claim that the number of fine lines reduced by 26% after just 4 weeks. A component of Chicory derivate in Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive restores vitality and youthfulness to eyes and progressively diminishes fine lines.

Asian skin tends to have more melanic pigments. The higher amount of pigments, combined with an accumulation of pigments from the blood under the skin, causes the formation of dark circles. Also due to a reduction in the blood microcirculation and accumulation of blue-coloured subcutaneous blood pigments causing the blood capillaries to be darker and more visible to the naked eye as the skin of the eye contour is very fine and transparent.  The result is, as we age, the darkening of the eye  contour becomes more prominent as the eye contour skin is 5 times finer and 3 times more sensitive than the rest of the face.

With Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive, light correcting pigments serve not only as a corrector of wrinkles but it instantly unifies skin colour which results in an appearance of younger looking and brighter eyes!

This product provides tired eyes new softness and suppleness with Shea Butter, an ingredient that helps to revitalize through its’ many essential nutrients. With a melting texture that is instantaneously absorbed by the skin, women on the go can enjoy easy make-up application and experience a guaranteed 8 hours of lasting comfort after only a quick application. The gentle Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers as the formula is applicable for even the most sensitive eyes. It also comes in a practical packaging with a pump dispenser that is highly accurate in dispensing the precise amount of product you need.

Suitable for women between 25 and 35 looking for younger-looking, rested and instantly brighter eyes. Clarins Multi-Active Eye Revive will available at all Clarins coutners and Skin Spas in December and will retails at RM195 for 20ml.

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