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Chocolate Cats on Facebook!

By 22:16

I had something completely different in mind to start the week but with the power outage today I thought it best to do a simple post. I have had some friends pestering me on why Chocolate Cats doesn't have its own facebook fan page. Some of you guys have actually asked me as well. My excuse, "I don't have enough time to manage two facebook accounts". Or it could just be that I'm lazy but obviously I finally gave in. So last week, I found some time to set it up and you know what, it does make sense to have a separate facebook fan page for the blog. Talk about being slow. *shakes head*

Here it is.. Yayy!! *throws confetti* Now I can share more photos and updates with you guys. So all you have to do is like Chocolate Cats Facebook Fan Page here.

To you guys who have found it earlier, thanks loads for liking the page! See you guys on Chocolate Cats Facebook Fan Page! :)

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