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My Scent is Light & Fresh According to Fragrance Expert Danny Ventura

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I find taking that 'Find Out Your Signature Scent' in magazines so exciting. Though most of the time, it's only partially right. Best way, get an expert to psycho analyse you and then tell you what type of fragrance suits you. I suppose that could be the most accurate option.

Curious, I accepted the invite to 'Discover My Scent' with Beauty/Fragrance Expert, Danny Ventura with 20 years experience. He is currently responsible for providing leadership training for the National Trainers of front-line sales and beauty consultants for the Gaultier, Miyake, Rodriguez and Saab lines of fragrances and body products. According to Danny choosing a fragrance for someone comes with experience.

"It's 50% Art - 50% Chemistry" - Danny Ventura

I went through a Personality Test first before the session which involved filling up a questionnaire. Questions were on personal preference, lifestyle, fashion sense and one that I liked best, 'Which dessert would be your choice?". Predictable much? Reason for me choosing Poached Pear with Balsamic Vinegar, because I found the other choices of Apple Pie A La Mode, Expresso Cheese Cake with Caramel Sauce and Strawberry Shortcake, so darn boring. Lol! Each question has four answer so you have to pick one. Obviously there's a grouping, I had equal C and D answers which I assumed belonged to a group of scent type. This led to the conclusion, I give out a calm vibe and I make people around me feel calm. *gasp*

Images of the questionnaire have been removed as I have just been informed it is not supposed to be photographed and/or published. For the record I was not informed before hand.

After calculating my answers for the Personality Test, Danny did a 'Smell Test' on me. Based on my Personality Test, he picked out three single scents, asked to sniff and say out the first colour that comes to mind after sniffing each scent. The first one, Iris Powder - Green, second was Lotus - Yellow and the third one I liked best, it was Gardenia, Purple came to mind. Obviously these are my favourite colours, but apparently each colour represents a meaning. Gosh, it gets more complicated doesn't it? Green reflects calmness and balance; Yellow is warmth, fun and humour; Purple means individuality and sensuality. 

After taking all that into account, and I think that's a lot, Danny chose Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT and Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT for meNarciso Rodriguez for her EDT was introduced about 10 years ago and is considered a classic, based on the Chypre fragrance (created in 1917) now with a modern twist due to the musk. It's a musky floral fragrance which I thought smelled a tad on the mature side. I rather fancied the Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT which is a new launch. It's a floral citrus scent and is softer then Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT. Though it could have been the gardenia that swayed me.

Was the fragrance outcome correct? Only partially. Why? For one I don't think I give out a 'calm vibe', in fact a lot of people who know me well would disagree with that. Second, I don't really go for Woody scents because I find it heavy. I've actually found a scent that I'm insanely in love with and is easily my all time fave, suffice to say I was crazy attracted to the grapefruit top note and vanilla base when I took a whiff of it. This was however a great session to discover other scents that could suit my personality. Perhaps an alter ego? Intriguing!

Latest Launch

Narciso Rodriguez L'Eau for her EDT is the latest from Narciso Rodriguez. It is a modern, lighter and refreshing version compared to the precious two Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. L'Eau is a more youthful and playful which consists of floral topnotes - jasmine,cyclmen and pink peony. The heart is a combination of rose, lily-of-the-valley and amber with musk and patchouli at it's base. Narciso Rodriguez has chosen Carmen Kass as the face of L'Eau for her.

"There's a sexy spontaneity that for her l'eau captures, rendering anew the mystery and timeless sensuality of the original for her" - Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez for her l'eau range retails at - 30ml for RM155, 50ml for RM258 and 100ml for RM348.

Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT is also a new launch. I find the multi-faceted bottle very alluring. Le Parfum is a new version of Elie Saab's first fragrance. It's citrusy-floral and meant to be an uber feminie scent. It opens with orange blossom, with gardenia and white blossom at the heart and vertiver, rose and honey at its base. The main focus with La Parfum is undeniably the bottle. It's designed to represent the style of sculpted crystal, elegant.

"Floral, solar woody, Elie Saab Le Parfum emanates a dazzling trail, like the flowing train of an Elie Saab evening gown"

Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT retails at - 30ml for RM180, 50ml for RM278 and 90ml for RM378. Also with variants of Body Lotion (200ml) RM185, Shower Cream (200ml) RM150 and Deodarant Spray (150ml) RM140.

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