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Support Cruelty-Free with The Body Shop & SPCA

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Say NO To Violence Against Animals!!

Protection of animal right and welfare in Malaysia might as well  be non-existence save for  The Animal Ordinance 1953 which needless to say is outdated. Animals deserve better protection and stiffer action need to be taken against those who mistreat and abuse animals. They are often horribly mistreated by irresponsible owners, the public and even so-called law enforcement officers. There has been many such issues that have been highlighted in the media recently, although it has been going on for ages, of cats and dogs kept as pets and more so strays. Action has to be taken against such inhumane acts. Not only is it heart breaking to see but it's also morally wrong, although some people do not regard as such. Appalling!

Billy, nearly 2 years old now (rescued) - found wondering by the road side at 3 months old

GrrRoarRoar, about 1 year 7 months old now (abandoned) - found outside my gate about less than 2 months old, undernourished

Fankie, about 6 months old now (rescued) - found in a container near a construction sight about 2 months old
They are all safe and healthy with the rest of my furry darlings!
However there are loads more which are not so lucky to be rescued and helped :'(

In conjunction with the launch of The Body Shop Leona Lewis Cruelty-Free Makeup Collection, The Body Shop together with the Society for the Prevention to Animals (SPCA), are campaigning to bring attention the need for better protection and stricter penalties for offenders by giving a voice for animals in need.

The Body Shop aims to collect petitions from their customers and the public through their 64 shops nationwide to urge the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and the Attorney General to give preferential precedence to the tabling of Malaysia's FIRST comprehensive Animal Welfare Bill by 2013.

Malaysia's FIRST Animal Welfare Bill aims to introduce the following:

  • An increase in fines and jail terms to between RM10,000 and RM50,000 and/or imprisonment not exceeding one year. (up from RM200 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months)
  • The establishment of an Animal Welfare Board to safeguard the well-being of animal welfare and encourage the responsible ownership of animals.
  • The enhancement of enforcement powers, via Animal Welfare Officers who will have the powers of arrest without a warrant.
Cruelty to and mistreatment of animals should not and cannot be tolerated! People should be better educated when it comes to handling and taking care of animals. Just because they cannot speak for themselves it doesn't mean they can be mistreated, the more reason their rights have to be protected. It doesn't cost anything to be kind to animals. If you are a pet owner be it cats, dogs or other domestics pets take care of them well and do not neglect them. Be compassionate to those who have no voice! Strive for a Cruelty-Free World.

The Body Shop's core founding value of being Against Animal Testing for the obvious reason that it's CRUEL. Hence the latest collection in collaboration with The Body Shop's latest Global Brand Ambassador, Leona Lewis in support of Cruelty Free International. The Limited Edition collection includes cruelty-free make up and fragrances.

A separate post on The Body Shop Leona Lewis Limited Edition Cruelty-Free Make up Collection coming up right after this post.
*The post is already up here.

Don't forget to drop by any The Body Shop stores to sign the Support Cruetly-Free Pledge AND also sign the Cruelty Free International Pledge online here. Keep updated with The Body Shop Malaysia on facebook and SPCA Malaysia on their facebook.

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  1. fun event!!! The Body Shop staff always participate in everything! thanks for the video as i was not there to watch it in live. huhu..

  2. they always make everything look so fun. fun with a cause!
    i like those animal hats. must get one and walk around kl with it. lol


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