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Review: Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation

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Lancôme has introduced a new foundation to keep sebum and shine under control for 24 hours! You guessed it. It's targeted for those with combination to oily skin. Say Bonjour to Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation. It uses the same Aura-Inside Technology introduced in 2010 incorporated in Lancôme Teint Miracle and Lancôme Maqui Miracle.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation has been designed specifically for Asian skin due to the intense heat and humidity in this part of the world. Lancôme dubbs the Mat Miracle 24H Foundation the 1st environmental proof foundation, which is a long-wearing, no transfer with spf15 for a morning fresh, satin luminous finish until you take it off.

The Aura-Inside Technology recreates the natural aura that the skin emits with a specific combination of new generation pink and blue biopic pigments infused in a unique liquid light essence.

Lancôme has also incorporated a new technology called the EternalSoft Fit Complex technology for 24 hours long-wear and comfort. It comprises of three Lancôme Exclusive Technology - Thin Film, Airy Powder and Liquid Powder. No points for guessing how long-wear is achieved. Silica and Perlite, technically the most absorbent when it comes to sebum ie oil and perspiration. You guys should already know by now that I avoid all makeup primer and foundation that contains silica as the effect never turns out well on my skin. But yes, I will be trying this out anyway. Here goes.

I got myself swatched for shade at my nearest Lancôme counter and the shade most suitable for me is O-03. Though I was looking for an O-04 as that's my shade for Lancôme Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation (adore this!). It's orange-yellow base which is better suited for my skin tone. Still looks a tad fair though.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Foundation has a light texture which is quite easy to blend out. I  usually apply liquid foundation with my fingers as I find much faster and it gets to the corners easier but the Lancôme BA said it's best to apply particular foundation using a brush, which I did. I used about a little less than 3 pumps. Tip:  Blend it out quickly as it sets to a powdery finish within seconds. I dust over a light layer of loose powder after.

Since I applied one layer of liquid foundation, the coverage is light at best. My dark acne scars and a random red pimple are still obvious. Concealer is still a must. I did try applying two layers on a different day, but that made my complexion look a tad white-ish. Just in case you have annoying dry acne bits on your face, be sure to put a little extra moisturiser on it. Otherwise it will just enhance the dry bits due to the satin-powdery finish. I currently have a few of those. No doubt it made my complexion completely matte. For how long though?

My skin usually gets oily after 30 minutes of applying makeup. With the Matt Miracle it lasted for a little over 1 hour before I noticed my nose and forehead starting to get oily. Three hours later, it gets more oily, and the foundation on my nose stars to look cakey. I also  noticed the foundation settling into my laugh lines. Four hours after I applied Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation, there was no more hiding the oiliness of my my whole face. Lasted all about less than 4 hours on my oily skin. Products containing silica tends to either end up cakey on my skin or it just melts off.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H worn on its own

I decided to give Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation another go the next day bit this time with a make up base. It lasted a good few hours longer. Despite having to blott off the oil four times during the day, the foundation seem to last better. Check out photos below.

Makeup Base + Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation

Personally I still a prefer Lancôme Maqui Miracle Liquid foundation. Despite the fact that it doesn't have mattifying qualities, I get more wear from it compared to Lancôme Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation. Maqui Miracle does not cake nor does it budge, melts or disappear on my oily skin until I take it off. It also makes my complexion appear brighter for a lot longer. The biggest difference I noticed between the two is that Lancôme Maqui Miracle gives my complexion a wonderful glow which lasts all day compared to Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H which lacks that luminous glow. I've been using Lancôme Maqui Miracle since its launch in April 2011 with no clogging or break outs. Currently on my third bottle. Read Lancôme Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation review here.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation comes in a similar glass bottle design as the Teint Miracle and Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundations. The bottle however is frosted glass so as to reflect the properties of Mat Miracle. The dark lacquer cap gives it a very chic look.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation comes in 12 shades specifically developed for Asian skin tones. It retails for RM135 for 30ml and is available at all Lancôme counters.

*Note: Product courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the review!
    May i know your shade in mac?
    I'm eyeing this lancome mat miracle too.
    I had chance swatched O-03 on my jaw and it looks match perfectly, until i read on some beauty blogs that the BO shade is more yellow than O, and i have strong yellow undertone skin.
    Now i'm so confuse between O-03 & BO-02, maybe i'm around nc25-30 in mac, can you give me suggestion which one may match my skintone?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi,

    does this leave a white cast and shows up bad in flash pictures?


Appreciate your comments >_<