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Red Means Go! - HUGO Red With Jared Leto

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I had all sorts of plans for this write up but decided to forget all about it since I haven't been feeling very well for the past 2 weeks. So I decided to go back to basics.

Latest in town - HUGO Red. The face - the ever amazing Jared Leto! Could there have been a better pairing? I doubt it. The latest from Hugo Boss dares you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, try something new, be different. Jared Leto embodies just that. From his breakthrough role in My So-Called Life, he is also a mind blowing musician, a music video director, producer and philanthropist. And those eyes!! Makes me melt everytime. (I still love you Usher!!) Check out the TVC for HUGO Red, it's crazy inspiring! I felt like jumping out of my chair and living life a lot more after watching it.

photo by mrz photography

at the RIL's cafe gallery

"I think creativity and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves" - Jared Leto

How is it possible for a fragrance to inspire and push boundaries? Take a whiff of HUGO Red you'll understand. I thought HUGO Man was fantastic, but HUGO Red has brought it to a whole new level. It's built around two contrasting accords, the 'Solid Chill' and the 'Liquid Heat' which basically reflects the contrasting facets of cold and hot metal. Grapefruit, pink pepper top note with rhubarb and pineapple heart note creates a bitter fresh combination with a metallic accent which makes up 'Solid Chill'. Cedarwood and hot amber at the base conveys the heat fluidity of red-hot metal, hence 'Liquid Heat'. A fresh warm scent that I find ultra sexy on a guy!

Red was chosen for this unique scent for its obvious intensity and how it reflects pure energy, extreme strength, amazing power and unfaltered determination. The boldness of the colour red dares you to stand out, be the centre of attention and make the moment yours. One more unique thing about this fragrance is the bottle - it's HEAT SENSITIVE. Brilliant! Only thing is, it doesn't show in hot humid weather. IT requires the difference in temperature ie cold weather and body heat to get that finger print on the bottle. *anti-climax* The bottle doesn't run away from the classic Hugo Boss fragrance design which makes it look even more bold. 

Personally I believe in pushing boudaries. As a trained Dancer in Modern Jazz there is no such thing as giving  up when it comes to dancing. I push myself super hard all the time to be better than I think I can be. When I feel a routine is too tough I push myself even harder until my toes bleed and my muscles feel as though they're already tearing to make sure the routine looks effortless and flawless. One thing I have learned from years of dancing is to challenge myself like my life depended on it, to be the best at what I do and to stand out from the rest. The colour red reflects this to a T. Although HUGO Red is a fragrance for men I can completely relate to the concept it represents.

photo by mrz photography
red lips say it all...
"Make the moment yours!"

SOGO KL has paired up with HUGO fragrances for the launch of HUGO Red and is the first department store in Malaysia to carry the HUGO Red fragrance, the daring new fragrance for men. Promotions - purchase RM350 and above of HUGO BOSS perfumes and receive an exclusive HUGO Red Sports Bag.

at SOGO KL HUGO Red promotion area

HUGO Red : The Line-up
Eau de Toilette     75ml     RM202
Eau de Toilette     150ml   RM291
Shower Gel           200ml   RM85
Deodarant Stick     75ml     RM85
Deodarant Spray    150ml    RM85

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