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The Body Shop Leona Lewis Cruelty Free Make-up Collection - Photos & Swatches

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On 11th March 2013 the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics entered into force. This sent a strong worldwide message in support of cruelty-free beauty. However an estimated 80 percent of countries worldwide still allow animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. There's still a long way to go for a worldwide ban, if ever that will happen. Learn more about the Support Cruelty-Free Pledge by The Body Shop Malaysia and SPCA Malaysia here.

The Body Shop and its new global brand ambassador, Leona Lewis recently unveiled the Leona Lewis Cruelty-Free Make-up Collection in support of Cruelty Free International. which includes new shimmer palettes, lipgloss and limited packaging for the White Musk Libertine fragrance. This limited edition collection is inspired by Leona Lewis.

The prettiest thing about this collection has to be that deer!! I love how it's so artsy. Leona had a hand in designing the deer motif that adorns this limited edition range. She chose the deer as a motif because The Body Shop was one of the first beauty retailers to use man-made musk in their iconic White Musk fragrance, rather than musk cruelly-extracted from deer and it also celebrates the freedom of the deer.

That is also the very reason why the White Musk Libertine has been included in this new collection. The bottle carries the deer motif and is a limited edition packaging. Loving the White Musk Libertine due it's enticingly creamy scent. I can't resist the combination of Chantilly Cream and Turkish delight as desserts. *laughs* Leona Lewis Limited Edition White Musk Libertine EDP is priced at RM95 and the EDT at RM75.

The Leona Lewis Cruelty Free Make-up collection introduces two new Shimmer Palettes - Oh Deer! Bronze and Oh Deer! Blush. Adorable use of 'Oh Deer!'. Each palette has three shades and can either be worn individually or swirled together. Despite being shimmer palettes they aren't exactly disco ball shimmery, they actually gives this soft luster. I love Oh Deer! Bronze, it's great for a sun-kissed look and the colour pay off is a lot more intense. Oh Deer! Blush works better as a highlighter. The texture of both are fine and goes on smoothly. You can't use the shimmer palette without the Blusher Brush! It's tailor-made for the Shimmer Palettes. The gorgeous flower shape is a winner. Made from synthetic hair, it's super soft. The shimmer palettes is priced at RM89 each and blusher brush at RM70.

There are four shades for the Leona Lewis Cruelty Free Lip Gloss - Deerlicious Fuschia, Deerlicious Bronze, Deerlicious Petal and Deerlicious Coral. Deerlicious Coral and Deerlicious Petal are very sheer shades where as you will get a touch more colour with Deerlicious Fuschia and Deerlicious Petal. The lip gloss is hi-shine and doesn't feel sticky on the lips. It has a light sweet mint flavour which I don't mind. The lip gloss is RM49 each.

There is also a limited edition wristlet make-up pouch for this range. If you're into pink, you're going to love this! To get your hands on this pretty pouch, all you have to do is purchase Leona Lewis products worth RM200. You can also shop the range online at but I don't think the make-up pouch applies there.

As The Body Shop believes in Beauty with Heart, all products are 100% Vegetarian and are endorsed as Cruelty-Free by the People of Ethical Treament of Animals (PETA). They ensure that all products are suitable for vegetarians and where we use animal-derived ingredients, for example, honey, taking the ingredient does not cause harm to any animal.

The Body Shop's cruelty-free make-up is free from bug shells and fish scales, using mineral mica as a replacement, while the binding agents are from natural vegetable minerals. The make-up brushes are not made from animal hair, instead alternative synthetic hair is used as it is soft as and kinder than the real thing. The Body Shop ensures their products are of the highest quality without being cruel.

When you choose to shop with The Body Shop, you are choosing to support a Cruelty-Free world. Support Cruelty-Free by signing the petition at any one of The Body Shop stores nationwide for preferential precedence in the tabling of Malaysia's FIRST Animal Welfare Bill. Also support Cruelty-Free International in calling an end to animal testing worldwide by signing the pledge at Also keep updated at The Body Shop Malaysia facebook.

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  1. oooo! Like the blush shimmer and pouch design :D

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  3. Oh Deer Blush looks cute! Their packaging is nice too ^^

  4. Arisa: the shimmer looks good! ^^

    Jean: i know right.. love the design!!

    Chuen: the deer motif makes it look even cuter :)


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