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Afternoon Tea at the Orchid Conservatory, Majestic Hotel KL

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No better way to end September than an Afternoon Tea treat at Majestic Hotel KL. Particularly since it was an awesome month. I opted to have mine at their beautiful Orchid Conservatory. I walked pass it earlier this year and thought "Wow, I must have tea there!!". Never got around to it until yesterday. [For the outfit shoot I did at there click here.]

It's so dreamy being in the Orchid Conservatory especially with the sun shining through the glass atrium. Only wished there were more Orchids around. Then again it is in a hotel, so sipping tea amongst the orchid blooms still does give you that wonderful ambience. It was quite spacious as they put a cap on the amount of tables/pax in the conservatory so as to ensure guests enjoy tea comfortably. I'm clueless when it comes to caring for Orchids but I want one in my house!! Not going to happen but I can hope..

Afternoon Tea is served with the Majestic Tea and to make drinking tea a more exciting experience, sugar is served on a stick. Like a lollipop. 

The Afternoon Tea set is divided into three sections, hot savouries, finger sandwiches and, desserts and scones. The hot savouries which came in pairs consists of mushroom tartlets, scotch eggs and a deep fried potato cheese ball, served with a savoury marmalade and mayonnaise base dip. Finger sandwiches selection include a traditional cucumber, tuna, chicken paté and smoked salmon sandwiches. The middle tier was where the desserts were - chocolate eclair, cherry cheesecake, red velvet, fruit tartlet and madeleines. I suppose the scones are the one that either make or break the afternoon tea and that was at the top tier, served with jam and cream.

The hot savouries were rather nice. It's been a while since I've had scotch eggs and this was nicely done. It was served with a dollop of spicy chili paste for that Malaysian twist. 

The finger sandwiches were alright though I didn't really paid much attention to them as I was eyeing the desserts. The chocolate eclair was fairly good, thankfully they used quality chocolate. Lol! The cherry cheescake was a good change compared to the usual blueberry and strawberry. The fruit tartlet and red velvet were only average, didn't fancy them very much. The madeleine had good texture albeit missing the distinct lemony taste. The scones.. now I really should have gone for them first. I only managed to take a small bite out of it before getting into the savouries. It got cold by the time I finished everything else as I wanted to save them for last. I blame the super strong air conditioning in the conservatory. Even so they managed to do justice to it. It was light yet dense and also well-risen. Lightly sweetened, it went well with the jam and cream without drowning the taste of the scone itself.

Then there was the "pass around of the day" as described by the waiter. It was pie tee day, with a thin crisp shell and flavourful filling. When you opt for tea at the Orchid Conservatory you're obviously paying a little extra for it. I rather enjoyed lounging amongst the orchids with not many people around. Only wished the desserts were better though.

The price for the Afternoon Tea set varies. RM48++ for the Tea Lounge, RM68++ for the Drawing Room and RM88++ for Afternoon Tea at the Orchid Conservatory. Afternoon Tea at Majestic Hotel is from 3.00-6.30pm daily. Though it's best to make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment especially if you're eyeing for the Orchid Conservatory.

Orchid Conservatory
The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur |
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact No: 03-27858000

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  1. always wanted to try out their tea sets, but never got the chance to..looks like i will have to make a special trip there soon! btw, followed you on GFC babe :)

  2. wow....I always love your post on food and stuffs but this one is really eye catching saliva dropping post. Hehehehehe...

  3. Hi, is the pricing per person or for the entire set itself? :)let's say if i go with a friend, is it 88 for one in the orchid conservatory or 176?


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