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Roses De Chloé EDT - New In!

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At a whiff I felt like I was laying down in a bed of roses. It's fresh, clean and definitely a fragrance you should check out for Autumn. The introduction of Roses De Chloé comes 5 years after original and variations in between. Roses De Chloé however targets a different audience.. one much younger than the original. It captures that soft feminine innocence. 

The beautiful 'floating roses' display conceived by Scottish artist Anya Gallacio lends a dreamy feel to the campaign.

I love this video! Amazing concept, brilliant choreography!
For the launch of Roses de Chloé, Chloé celebrates the rose with this hypnotic and artistic video, created by the French choreography company 'I could never be a dancer', that reveals Chloé's unique interpretation of the rose.

The original Chloé Eau de Parfum

That's the mini rose bouquet I put together

Roses De Chloé is still based on the original rose scent. It tries to capture a walk down the parisian rose gardens. It is an invitation to tenderness. It opens with sparkling bergamot and fresh Damask Rose essence emulating a thousand freshly cut Damask Rose. It's then joined by a modern magnolia chord with a trail of white musk and amber, signature of the Chloé house.

Those transparent stems represented rose stems with Roses De Chloé representing the flower

Housed in a flacon which is a reinterpretation of the original, it stays true to the delicate pleats, said to be inspired by the sleeve of a Chloe blouse. It's crowned with a silver top and a transparent cap. The liquid, a tender rose hue. The collar is adorned with a blush pink ribbon like blush that enhances the cheeks.

Roses De Chloé introduces three radiant and young beauties, Tilda Lindstam, Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Esther Heesch.

Random Roses De Chloé graphics that I thought were super pretty..

Roses De Chloé EDT is now available at all fragrance counters.

Roses De Chloé EDT 30ml              - RM198
Roses De Chloé EDT 50ml              - RM293
Roses De Chloé EDT 75ml              - RM360
Roses De Chloé Shower Gel 150ml  -RM150
Roses De Chloé Body Lotion 100ml - RM185
Roses De Chloé Deodarant 100ml   - RM135

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