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Health Through Your Eyes - Naturopathy at Blackmores Concept Store

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What does the eyes have anything to do with your health? Well I gave a curious cringe when I was told it had everything to do with my health. I learned something new when I was invited to the opening of Blackmores Concept Store at Midvalley recently by The Butterfly Project.

Did you know Blackmores, Australia's leading natural health brand was founded on naturopathic principles by Maurice Blackmore? Despite buying Blackmores supplements for the longest time, that was something new to me. I just thought they did really good natural supplements. Well, he believed in the health-giving properties of the various herbs and minerals afforded by nature. Therefore by combining scientific evidence and years of expert traditional knowledge, Blackmores is today known across the globe for its natural based nutritional supplements, as well as a holistic approach to healthcare. Naturopathy has been around for hundreds of years by the way, found that out at the session.

Blackmores also have their very own qualified Naturopaths that can help you better understand your health and also assist you in getting through the day and life that much healthier. I was very curious to see if one of these naturopaths could really diagnose what's going on with my body. My session was with Ms Monitar Tan, a highly qualified naturopath with over 8 years of experience in complementary medicine.

Before starting the whole eye analysing process, I was asked to fill up a questionnaire to find out more about lifestyle habits, medical history and any symptoms to assess my overall health. Then an iris analysis (iridology) was performed to detect the condition of my body and my internal organs. A portable iridology camera was used to take photos of both my eyes. The iris is divided into tiny zones which represents part of the body and its organs. So by using an iris chart as a guide and looking at the markings and patterns found on the coloured part of my eye, Monitar was able to tell me that I was generally in good health! Rejoice! There were however two minor concerns - my stomach and my very slight sugar issue. Enter my gastric problem that I developed about 3 years ago caused by a bacterial infection in my stomach and my endless affair with chocolates and desserts. 

my eyes.. they couldn't open any bigger.. lol

I also mentioned to Monitar about my acute migraine issue that I have been experiencing on and off for the past 19 years. Migraine however wasn't a huge problem at the moment although it does happen from time to time due to lack of sleep, that's my trigger and with work and blogging, 6 hours of sleep a night is rare. Apparently Chamomile or Melissa Tea helps with calming and relaxing myself to at least get better quality of sleep.

With my gastric, I usually fall back on medication which in my case doesn't come cheap. I was excited to find out that there are supplements that I could take on the onset of a gastric episode, but I still have to avoid and sort out my triggers which is a pain. Monitar recommended I take Blackmores Bio Magnesium that helps to reduce the bloating and Blackmores Probiotics for digestive health. I'm also suppose to have some sort of ginger tea which is great to reduce bloatedness as well as aid with digestion. Only problem is I have a terrible dislike for ginger tea. I don't mind ginger in cakes, biscuits and foods but tea is a different story all together. Now I have to figure out how to get my hands on Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger which I was told is really good but is not currently sold in Malaysia. I was also recommended Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil for general health. 

I was further advised to slowly wean myself off sugar which is not an easy task. It may take months even years. For me that's never going to happen. I might settle for consuming less but cutting off completely.. *shakes head* I am aware that large amounts of sugar can only do harm to the body but let me clarify something here, I eat only good quality bitter dark chocolates with high cocoa content because what I crave is the cocoa, not the sugar. As for desserts, I only eat ones that are amazingly well made. A good dessert/cake/pie etc should never be too sweet, it should have a good balance of flavours, I can't emphasise this enough. I do not ever eat ones that use an absurd amount of sugar to flavour it, as ones done with cheap, poorly made desserts with low quality ingredients. If I go to a place, order a dessert and at the first bite find that it's rubbish I don't continue stuffing my face with it. I leave it! So don't assume that I happily eat random sugary foods. Believe it or not, I actually eat chocolates, desserts and sorts in moderation, but will indulge when it's 'fit for the gods'. 

this one is from Thirty8 Grand Hyatt KL.. chocolate cats approved!! (post here)

It was a very informative and helpful session. I'm beyond excited to find out that there is a way to control my gastritis sans relying on medication too much! I'm suppose to compile a two week food diary after the session, unfortunately I've been too swamped with work, moving and sorts that I haven't had the time but I will get to it soon. I'm looking forward to my follow up consultation. Thanks loads The Butterfly Project & Blackmores Malaysia for the invite!

You can also get your naturopathic consultation done and find out more about your health at Blackmores Concept Store. An in-depth 40-minute consultation is priced at RM100, which is reedemable against Blackmores products at the Concept store. You'll be surprised with what you'll find out.

Naturopathy principles
  • Nature has an innate power to heal
  • Identify and treat the cause, whether physical or emotional
  • Naturopath will not recommend treatment that will cause other conditions
  • Treatment plan includes all aspects of the person
  • Naturopath to empower the individual to take responsibility for own health by teaching self-care
  • Naturopath will take preventative measures to prevent onset by removing toxic substances and situations from the individual’s lifestyle

When to consult a naturopath?
  •  If the individual is seeking complementary treatment options, including to complement care given by a medical doctor
  •  If the individual would like to learn more about health prevention methods
  • If the individual is seeking advice on dietary and lifestyle solutions

What happens after?
  • Follow the recommendations of the naturopath
  • Return for a follow-up consultation within 1-3 weeks from initial session
  • Follow ups are essential to achieve better health as subsequent analyses will be more focused and in-depth on the targeted aspect(s) of the individual’s health

Blackmores Concept Store |
Mid Valley Megamall
LG-083 Lower Ground Floor
(Next to Maybank)

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