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Amongst The Orchids

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Oh how I want an Orchid Conservatory in my house.. Perhaps I could rehouse some of my cats and take over their part of the house, it could make things happen. *laughs*

So I went for a health check earlier today by Blackmores Naturopath. It's this different way of finding out whats wrong or right with your body by looking at the patterns, lines and colours on the eye surface. Each part of the eye represents an organ or part of your body. Something like reflexology but with the eye. Been around for hundreds of years apparently. Interesting stuff. Here's what I found out.. I'm generally healthy! Rejoice! Looks like all that eating healthy over the past 20 years has done good.. loads of fruits and vege, eat the brown stuffs, white meat over red meat, no oily stuff and all that jazz. But chocolates and desserts are still a must. More on it soon!

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Zara | And some of my fave silver pieces

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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  1. me love ur yellow dress! plus this is another beautiful photo collection!!!!! <3

  2. Nice outfit, love the little yellow dress, how sweet!


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