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Dance : 8TV Showdown 2010

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Now here is something I love to talk about.. DANCE! I have decided to follow and comment about 8TV's latest reality show, Showdown 2010 (I'm assuming this is replacing So You Think You Dance).  

Showdown 2010 premiered over 8TV at 930pm yesterday. This first episode takes the audience through the auditions held in Pulau Pinang and Johor Bahru. Since the contestants were mostly either in their teens or early 20's the obvious choice of genres would be breakdance, hip hop, mainstream pop and bits of shuffling (Let me make this clear, I think shuffling should not even be considered a dance. It is senseless and ridiculous. But that's just me..).

*Note: I am basing my comments on the editted footage by 8TV for the show.

Auditions @ South Zone - Johor Bahru

Breakdance :  Return Crew. They were tight. Breakers. Obvious they put in effort into choreography.

Breakdance : Suka Hati Crew. 5 strangers who came together at the auditions. These people were all over the place. Having only known that there is tobe at least 5 people in a crew upon registering they jsut got together to form a crew.

Shuffle : JB Rockerz - They had costume. Joe Flizzow said they wanted to bring a Shuffle crew to the Battles so they got in. But I personally their routine was repititious and unexciting.

Auditions @ North Zone - Pulau Pinang

Breakdance: Parasite (Penang Ninjas) -  They were techniqually strong.

Shuffle: Hardstyle Shadow Wolf - What the huh?! They started singing! So They put in so much drama in their routine, they did not even get to the routine. The intro was like 5 minutes long.! Too long for a bunch of nothing.

Shuffle: HWCC - Repetitious! Dull. Try again next year..

Breakdance: Funky UX Force - They had some interesting moves.

Hip Hop: Blacky Wacky - Choreography was way too basic.

Breakdance: Metalloid - Basic. Choreography did not stand out.

Hip Hop: Collabozonk - Choreography did not stand out.

They did not show very much else. There may have been crews that were better but was not featured. I guess you will just have to wait until the real competition to find out.

Central Zone : KL Next Week! (I went to watch this one and blogged about it, so click here to check it out). Stay tuned..

*Note : Will try to get pictures for my next dance post.

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