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Dessert with FatiN : Opera

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Note : This is not a food review. The dessert featured here is already amazing! I'm just sharing with you desserts I love :).

I decided to treat myself to something nice yesterday. Since I currently can't afford to get a piece jewellery worth RM26,000, some sort of delicious dessert will have to do.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of my favourite haunts for desserts, foods as well as  stalking international footballers *winks*. You can't go wrong with a world renowned 5 star hotel. They get everything right.

Lounge on the Park

Some munchies while I waited for my cake..
Which wasn't very long..

Opera "A Classic" - RM18

A classic French dessert. A total of 5 layers of delicate almond cake, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream and also chocolate glaze.

Each layer of this cake was classically gorgeous!

Watch it disappear..

Every bit of it sat happily in my tummy.. lol!

Will I be going there again?
I always do!

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-23808888

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  1. That looks sinfully delicious! :D You can never go wrong with chocolate dessert :D

    I'm currently stuck on ice-cream desserts - a scoop of the lovely creamy goodness always makes my day =]

  2. I soo agree.. Chocolate cures all! lol..

    I can never resist ice cream either, always so satisfying.. *droolz*

  3. You should be fatter than you are!!


  4. Indulge once in a while.. ;)

  5. looks gooood!! need to try!

  6. chocolate is always a girl best friend :)


Appreciate your comments >_<