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Final Result : IDI-Italy 1858 3 Months On

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Gosh I hadn't realised 3 months with IDI-Italy 1858 has gone by so quickly. Seems like the first 2 weeks of breakout panic happened just yesterday. *fingers crossed it doesn't happen again! oh the horrorrr!*

Who knew this would be the start to something fantabulous.. ;)

Before the IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign, I hadn't even heard of the brand. But after using their products, I'm glad I was chosen to participate in the campaign. I've seen a lot of improvement to my skin over the past 3 months.

My skin before IDI-Italy 1858:
1) Frequent breakouts!
2) Uneven skin tone due to acne
3) Dull skin
4) Forehead lines slightly obvious *sign of old age =(*
5) Smile lines around the mouth area were slightly obvious too *sigh, does this mean I have to stop smiling too much..*

BreakOut Panic
1st week of use

My skin 3 months on:
1) Breakouts have calmed down. Realistically didn't expect it too completely disappear. *I blame it on my phreaky hormones*
2) Skin tone have evened out significantly!
3) No more dull skin!! Yay!! My skin looks soo much brighter & "alive" now.
4) "The Lines" - The appearance of my smiles lines & lines on the forehead has soften by using one particular product that was given to me. *winks*

I wouldn't say the results after 3 months use has been miraculous. But I have seen significant improvement in such a short period of time. Imagine the possibilities of pro-longed use! I mean, I've had friends commenting that my skin looks clearer & brighter. ;p

I've been asked to recommend the best products I've tried from IDI-Italy 1858. It's always better if you use the whole range as they're effects are meant to complement each other. But if I really had to choose & recommend it has to be..

My 2 favourite-test products:
1) Lab 0.22 [pro] ClariAction Lightening Cream
This is the product that has evened out my skin tone & made it look brighter!

2) Lab 0.20 [pro] TriAction Age Defender Cream
This one has managed to soften the appearance of my smile lines & forehead lines. I hear sceptics going, "Yeah right". It worked on my skin, so it may or may not work on yours. So the only way you'll know is to try it out. With this product & facial exercises to help strengthen facial muscles, my lines could actually disappear. *wishful thinking.. lol..*

I lurv lurv these 2 products to bits! Looks like 151 years of research was well worth it.

Clear Skin = Happy FatiN :)

Thanx loads IDI-Italy 1858! It's wonderful to know that there are products out there that works for me.. =)

*Note: The products I've tried have worked on my skin. It may have a different effect on yours. Just bear that in mind k.. =)

*IDI-Italy 1858 products can be found at the larger branches of Guardian Pharmacy and check out IDI-Italy 1858 site for reference.

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