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Food: Saturday's Hits & Misses

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My Saturday started at 1030 am with an express shoe hunt from Lot 10, Pavilion then all the way to KLCC. It is terribly difficult to get shoes for my ridiculously freaky feet. In the end I will always end up with something from Clarks. Oh please let some other brand fit me.. *sigh*

I read about a new pastry place that just opened, so I was quite looking forward to trying it out today. I am not naming the place as I refuse to give it free publicity that it does not deserve. Curious why.. Well when I got there it looked rather nice but I instantly realised it is not what it claims to be. When I went in to look at what they had to offer, I knew it was a bad idea going there. But I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try it anyway. The first bite I took into one of the few pastries I bought, I thought to myself "Crap!! This was a HORRIBLE idea". OMG they also served instant coffee! Officiated by a celebrity, this place offers inferior quality pastries, disgusting beyond belief and an INSULT TO MY TASTEBUDS! Never ever stepping foot there again.. EVER! (I am still not naming the place.. lol!!)

Traumatised by the crap the earlier place offered, I headed to what I call my 'Safe Haven' to wash away the vile, toxic taste which still lingered in my mouth, Espressamente Illy @ Bangsar Village II (yup the same one in Pavilion). A long list of reviews have been done on this place so all I can say is, it is a place where you find great coffee and delicious sandwiches. Fully satisfied every time.. :D

Back : Greco All' Italiana - RM12
Our funky version of an iced latte.
Front : Caffe Fondente - RM12
A shot of espresso with chocolate & topped with milk.

Excuse the bubbling bits, I let the coffee sit too long before I took a picture.
It was suppose to be lightly dusted with chocolate.. :P

Foccacia al Pollo - RM18
Toasted Italian herb bread with grilled chicken breast, Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, Kalamatta olives & tomatoes.

Tastes as good as it looks.. *droolz*

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  1. I'm so curious bout the shop u went!
    tell me tell me~~=p

  2. Hehehe.. If I tell you here then i'm giving them publicity..

    I give you a clue.. it's nearby the south of bangsar.. :p If you really really still wanna know, I'll mail you okie.. lol..

  3. I trust your recommendations when it comes to foooooooood, esp desserts!! My weight gain is YOUR fault k - grrrrr

    Pls email which place to avoid. Dont wanna waste my money while ingesting extra calories :-(

  4. When it comes to heavenly desserts it's worth the calories right.. :P

    If you don't indulge then life has no meaning.. I just came up with this.. Sounds ridiculous! lol!!

  5. The sandwich looks yummiee!!


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