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Burt's Bees' Sunday

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After meeting up with some friends for lunch at OU I just had to do a quick stop over at the Curve to check out the first Burt's Bees' outlet in Malaysia. Was thinking of going next week since I'm going to the Burt's Bees' Workshop organised by Nüyou Magazine at The Royale Bintang but what the heck I was already nearby.

I headed straight to the lip balm corner when I got into the outlet. Been dying to try out their Pomegranate Lip Balm. Well it was a no brainer that I had to get it after trying it out. Hmm.. I can't possibly just get one item right. Get another one! Lol!

Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil - RM18

Tried out their Lip Shimmer which comes in about 11 shades and narrowed it down to three - Rhubarb, Raisin and Fig. Lurving all three but promised myself I wouldn't blow my budget so I had to settle for just one. For this week at least. Next week is the dawn of a new day (Burt's Bees' Workshop *wink wink*). My pick was FIG. It's a great colour for me as pinkish ones don't usually show on my lips.

My 3 fave shades..

Lip Shimmer in Fig - RM31.80

But didn't see the Super Shiny Lip Gloss around yet. Overheard one of the Sales Assistant say that there'll be another shipment coming in soon.

Did a quick round checking out their other products and found that they're slightly pricey considering that they're a drugstore brand in the US. Might decide to try out something else the next time round. For today I'm just happy with my balm & shimmer. :)

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  1. Girl, we (jess, ciawei, kelly, susan) was there to tat day, after the bachelor event! too bad din get to see you~~

  2. omg.. lip shimmer rm31? sigh alright..

    darn i thought it was fri.. but double check it was sunday. I could not go T_T sad!!!

    thx for posting this up fatin!

  3. ooooooooooooo

    nak cubaaaaaaaaaaaa

    (lippie addict salivates)

  4. Jean: I was there on Sunday.. Heard you guys went to 4 events.. wild! lol..

  5. miu: no prob miu.. but the store opened on satd.. i was busy hanging out with expensive jewellery at klcc.. lol..

    after the workshop then we can all go! woohoo!

  6. kit: the lip shimmers are super pretty! (i'm not over the'super' thing yet.. lol..)

  7. i super know what you super mean. *grin*


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