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MAC Fashionista Workshop @ KLCC

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Warning : This Post Contains Too Many Pictures of Me! Lol!

I attended a MAC Fashionista workshop on Wednesday (14/4/10) courtesy of KLCC. As I was standing around waiting for it to start, Syahidah the Senior Makeup Artist came over and asked whether I would like to be her model for the evening. I was thrilled! (Must have been because I looked so pale.. lol..). Zulaika the Assistant Retail Manager started it off a bit after 7pm.

Before my makeover.. looking strange..

I initially thought it would be a mini hands on workshop which I thought would have been fun but it was more of a 'Introducing colors for Spring/Summer and sharing tips and techniques workshop'.

Syahidah went through step-by-step on what products to use and what tools to apply it with. 

Syahidah's Work of Art

With Syahidah

Excited me absolutely forgot to take pics of the products that were used on me.. *sigh*

Syahidah also mentioned that they plan to have more workshops for both beginners and advanced levels in the future. Sounds exciting. Maybe then I will remember to take pictures of products. Silly me. We went home with goodie bags containing various booklets on products information, tips & techniques, a MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover (30ml) and a made-for-party bracelet from Salabianca.

Big thanks to KLCC and MAC for organising the workshop. Hoping for more in the future. Also thanks to Jess for hanging on to my camera while I was getting prettified. :)

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  1. fatinnnnnnnnnnnnn

    serious canteeeekkkkk

    you totally rocked this look. very beautiful!

  2. thanx kit.. :D

    but i think it's syahidah's magic hands that has to be thanked..

    this is one of my fave make over looks.. if only i could look like this everyday.. lol!

  3. fatin, i think if you got the stuff to do it yourself, practice until you can.

    i wish i could do it too.


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