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Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Miu @ The Smokehouse - Part I

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Saturday, 3/04/10 - Walking towards the Smokehouse on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar I noticed some wierd glances my way. Maybe my fedora looked too cool! Lol!

The last time I stepped into a Smokehouse restaurant was ages ago when I was so much younger either in Cameron Highlands or Fraser's Hill. Stepping into the one on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, does not only bring back childhood memories but also memories from my student days in England meeting up with mates in the pub around the corner from the university.

The decor is quintessential English and it also exudes that warm English charm. A comfy sofa in front of the fire place (no fire going on, the Malaysia's too warm) greets guests as they enter the restaurant, the pefect place for Jean, Doroshi and I to wait for Miu to finish setting up the Tea Party upstairs (we had the whole floor to ourselves).

The floor design looks fantasy enough..

Cosy fire place

Hosted by Miu, the Tea Party was "Alice" inspired. Which meant that all who were invited had to pick a character and dress up like the character with their own individual flare. I seem to be dressing up or be in costume quite often lately. *grins* Miu - The Cheshire Cat, Wing - The Other Cheshire Cat, Reiko - White Queen, Stacy - Part Alice/Part Red Queen, Doroshi - Avant Garde Mad Hatter, Masurin - Lolita/Cute Alice, Stellar - Pretty/Marc Jacob Alice, Jean - Sexy Mad Hatter and Me - The Strange Mad aka as my strange-self.

Wonderland/Underland Characters

Sliding around embracing my strange-self..

There was a twist to this Tea Party though, it was also a food review for the Smokehouses' Tea Menu. So while chatting with wonderful company and enjoying the sumptuous spread laid before us we had to keep in mind that we also had to properly 'taste' the food.  

Pretty centre piece!

Cute - Didn't know chessy could do that.. :p

Lurv this piece!

Keepsakes from Miu - Place card & Beautiful Star pendant :)
(The Lavand chocolate egg is yummy!)

Miu also slyly made us talk a bit about ourselves. Little did we know there would be a trivia after we had fed ourselves to our hearts content.

Basket full of goodies - Lotsa chocolates too.. :)
Winners get to pick prizes from the basket

The lost Alice found the Red Queen
& the Hatter just tagging along.. lol..
*The vote for Best Dressed went to Stacy! Lurv the make up!*

Strange Hatter can't seem to keep her hand off the hat
& The Cheshire Cat gazing across the room.. :P

Hat pointing Hatter & The Other Cheshire Cat
(Inspired by "The Other Boleyn Girl" Lol!)

A combination of Sexy & Strange ;)

The White Queen looking the part

Lolita Alice may give a whole new meaning to Wonderland! lol..

Had a great time with mad & wacky Wonderland characters plus lotsa food! Thanx Miu & the Smokehouse! :)

In Merry Ol' England..

Up Next : Food Review for The Smokehouse

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  1. wahhahaha... a twist to the story and a wicked addition of others! i lurve it!!! ahhahahahaa...


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