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OE Fine Jewellery Fashionista Workshop @ KLCC

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Saturday, 17/4/10 3.45pm

This turned out to be a one-on-one workshop for me! This meant that I had the OE Fine Jewellery outlet all to myself and I would get to try on jewellery without having anyone else waiting their turn. *evil laugh*

A wonderful change from the usual makeup and skincare workshops I usually find myself in. Greeted by Lina Chua (Head of Marketing) and Janet Khew (HR Manager) as I walked in, my eyes were already wondering around the outlet in awe of such gorgeous jewelleries.

With Lina

A brief history - OE has a history of more than 100 years dating back to 1906 in Muenster, Germany. The OE factory in Penang was established in 1974 at Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone and specialises in gold and platinum jewellery, set with precious gems. Today, OE exports to 39 countries worldwide. It's creations are found in some of the finest stores in the world, such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue of New York; and Mitsukoshi of Japan, among others. In Malaysia, OE retails direct to customers through its showrooms in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Over the years, OE has carved a niche for itself in the global jewellery industry, winning awards at international trade shows such as the International Pearl Design Award, Jewel of the Year, the Golden Shell and many more.

This workshop highlights their C-Natasha Collection. Lina and Janet showed me various ways of wearing pendants from this collection. They can either be worn with the chains they come with either in 18 carat gold or white gold, with a string of pearls or with a specially designed black cord. I thought the coolest part was wearing the pendant  attached to the cord as a loose belt plus the earrings clipped on to the ends. Omg! It would make any LBD look super amazing!

Perfect piece to dress up any outfit

Lina then went on to show me around and introduce various other collections such as the Rudolf Erdel Platinum and Lillian Too’s Auspicious Jewellery Collections and award winning pieces such as the double ring which I thought was a ridiculous piece to wear but a great design. And those precious gems! Oh wow! The pendant set with a brilliant piece of Tanzanite was definitely eye catching. The Black Diamond Collection sets itself handsomely apart from the rest.

One particular piece caught my eye as I walked around the outlet. An amazingly gorgeous white gold pendant set with diamonds. The design on this piece was intricately beautiful. The workmanship, amazing! Price tag: About RM26,000!! I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to afford it but I've definitely fallen in lurv! I can't show you a close-up picture of it for obvious reasons but here's a picture of me wearing it. *enter Cheshire Cat smile*

Bling! Bling! I'm in lurv!

The more expensive jewelleries in the showroom are from the Platinum Collection which may range from RM250,00 and above.

Pigita dropped by as my session ended for another tour around the outlet. Still couldn't stop going 'ooo aaa'!

To find out more about OE Fine Jewellery and view their collection online just click me.

Thanks to OE Fine Jewellery, Lina, Janet & KLCC for making this possible! :)

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  1. so pretty :D heehee.. KLCC...

  2. I want to see the door gift !! Fatin ;)

  3. Sad that i missed you trying out the various ways of wearing the C-Natasha pendant but it sounds fabulous.


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