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Looks: That Cotton Scarf - Purple Floral Prints

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How I wish Malaysia had a slightly cooler climate so we could walk around with light coats and pretty scarves. *missing england*

MNG, Topshop, ZARA, Forever 21 (to name a few) and shops at Sungei Wang offers a range of choices in various styles, colours and fabrics. Those Korean ones with cotton floral print with lace combo and bits on sides are so cute. Accessorize carries such pretty silk selection. Scarves are just a great way to jazz up any outfit.

Lurv Purple!
Crinkled Woven Scarf $7.80
Source : Forever 21 Site

Bright Florals are in for Spring
Left : Aloha Tropical Postcard Silk Square Scarf  £15.00
Right : Neon Paisley Pom Pom Silk Square Scarf £15.00
Source : Moonsoon Accessorize Site

Most of them are reasonably priced. The cottons ones are usually between RM29.90 to RM59.90. What if I told you I found one similar to the ones you would find at the shops mentioned, at a fraction of the price. Have I gotten your attention yet.. *grins*

I got this for RM8! Where? At Jalan TAR (near Sogo). You can find a lot of nice and pretty stuff for a steal at the Bazaars along that road if you look carefully. Have always lurved that place.

Dress it up any way you want.. with a dragonfly brooch.. :)

It is a light cotton material in purplish blue with green and blue floral prints. A combination of the scarves from F21 and Accessorize - Purple, Floral & Bright ;). I shall wear this to a place with strong air-conditioning (to avoid sweating..), maybe Pavilion. It can get quite nippy if you spend long periods shopping there. Or is it just me? Not enough meat. Lol!

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  1. nice scarf.. so wish to stay in country with 4 seasons, i remembered the last time I was in HK.. get to wear layers clothes, pic also look pretty !

  2. i know what you mean..

    i just want to wear pretty scarves.. lol..


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