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Looks: Where I got The Dress from?

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Since the Chocolate Cats' Tea Party a few weeks back I have been asked numerous times where I got the dress I was wearing from. Well, I got it from Forever 21 @ Pavilion. :)

A few days before I got that dress I spotted this beautiful silk floral-printed dress, perfect for any tea party or daytime wear, from BCBG Max Azria boutique @ KLCC. Their dresses are always so gorgeous. But sadly for me the price tag on it was way too high. I'm waiting for it to go on sale. Lol!

Lurv the vintage-inspired dahlia print
Source : BCBG Max Azria Site

Source : BCBG Max Azria Site

I took it as a sign when I saw something similar at Forever 21. Not as pretty as the BCBG one, but pretty enough. It came with a thin white belt that looked really nice with the dress but was way too long for me. Alternatively I tied a black ribbon around the waist instead. Thought it was a nice contrast. The price was definitely much more affordable at RM119.

Neckline Pleated Detail

I have been told by some friends that the colour of clothes they have bought from Forever 21 may run after washing. I decided to send my dress for dry cleaning and lucky me it came back intact *phewh*.

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  1. ahh i'm one of them who asked~~
    thanks fatin!!

    a lovely floral dress indeed!good eye!F21 has many hidden gems~my last visit i spent a good 1 hour and found my pink satin black lace corset tier top!!

    only goes BCBG when i travel to the STATES*huge slashoff NEVERRR in KL*vomit blood *

  2. Fatin: I recently bought a BCBG below 500rm, A pretty lacy elegant dress, I did upload the dress pic to my fb wall photo. Bought frm a boutique in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, named FAME. If ur lucky, u might find ur dress there.

    Stellar: I didnt know F21 got so many nice clothes, really need to spend some time searching, love ur glittery dress!

  3. that corset you bought sounds pretty!

    there's no such thing as spending 15 minutes at F21 is there.. lol!!

    thanx for the heads up.. i should check online to see if they slash the prices there..

  4. doroshi: seriously..?

    looking through your fb now.. which one is it? wait.. i'll mail u.. lol..

    hmm.. where is dataran sunway.. *wonders*


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