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Bisou @ KLCC - Gin & Jacqie Golden Ticket Giveaway

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Buy a cupcake and win!

Source: Gin & Jacqie Official Website

Remember the “Golden Ticket” from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The ticket (if found in your chocolate) could win you a prize. Taking both concepts of chocolate and winning a prize with a golden ticket, Bisou and Gin & Jacqie have come up with their own “Golden Ticket” give away. There will be one bag organizer to win every day.

Source: Gin & Jacqie Official Website

Throughout April if you find a golden ticket on the bottom of your Choco Dementia cupcake you will win an “Organize Jacq” (bag in a bag). There are no slogans to write and no lucky draw to submit to! Just show them your “Golden Ticket” and you will receive your “Bag in a Bag”!

Choco Dementia is Bisou’s ultimate chocolate lovers’ cupcake, a dark rich chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy smooth dark chocolate ganache.
So come along and eat as many Choco Dementia cupcakes it takes for you to find that Golden Ticket and win that “Organize Jacq” from gin & Jacqie!

For more information, log on to or

* Source: Gin & Jacqie Official Website & bijoux bulletin.

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  1. i'll be eating a lot of cupcakes this month.. lol! good sales gimmick though..

  2. saw it! but.. =____= dun believe it!!!

  3. I've got two of these organizers.

    They are great!

  4. i want one! my bag's a mess..

    i'm gonna buy a few cupcakes and attempt to get it for free.. if that fails i'll just have to buy one..

  5. i bought 2 but dint get any golden ticket larrr. end up finished all the 4 cupcakes in cinema...sob sob >.<

  6. I bought them during one of Isetan promos - 1 set of 2: 1 larger + 1 smaller one for RM49.90.

    And I used my cash vouchers to pay :-)


Appreciate your comments >_<