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Behind the Scenes: COSMO Cover Star Finalists Photo Shoot

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Warning: Read only if you're curious. Otherwise please don't torture yourself. *you know what i mean.. winks*

Chocolate Catsz at COSMO shoot ;)

*Wooohooo!!!* Bare with me I'm still phreaking excited okie. When I sent in my form *after much persuasion from my friends, you know who are.. huge hugszz* I never expected to get chosen. Cross my fingers, put the envelope through the slot and then forget about it. It's one of those things..

Some time early November I got a call from COSMO, thinking I won one of those featured contest but was in shocked silence when I was told I was one of the Finalist for the COSMO Cover Star Search. It was only after the conversation that it hit me.. OMG I GOT CHOSEN!! Wait a minute, did that call really took place. Yeah yeah.. short of smacking myself with a chair.

So.. the shoot was on 25th November and I was at this industrial area somewhere off MRR2 looking for a studio at 950am. The photographer found me looking lost outside the studio and asked me to follow him upstairs *dodgey?? kidding*. By the time I got there, 2 other girls were already getting their make up done. I found out that there were only 5 girls that day, the other 5 were the next day. Not enough time to shoot all in one day.

I was sent to the hair stylist first. She was amused with my photo snapping episode. Must have thought I'm strange *lol*. By that time the COSMO team came in with wardrobe.

Then I got Glamour-fied by Ee Ling with CLINIQUE products. ♥ Clinique *sigh*..

Make up Artists - Yumi & Ee Ling

Clothes by GUESS!! Oh so purrr-tyy! There were 2 sets of clothes for the shoot. First up fabulous blue dress! Wow didn't think I could carry off blue. Didn't look too bad on me. But the style I likey! And no I didn't get to keep any of the clothes or accessories. :(

Studio here I come. I was super hyped by then! I kept reminding myself to just have fun.. and I did!! The only thing I found difficult was smiling while trying to open my eyes really big. The photographer kept saying, "Big eyes.. Big eyes..". That was such a challenge coz I have tiny eyes. *enter squinty* The minute I smile, they just disappear. >_< - that's how I look like, seriously. (Thanx so muchness to Nathasha for helping me take photos in the blue dress!)

Inspiration from COSMO Cover Girls - Gorgeous!

Second round, jeans and t-shirt - gorgeous simplicity. I soo lurved the jeans!! It fit perfectly on boney backside. Shocker! That rarely happens!! *lol* I'm soo buying those jeans. (Thanx loads to my unofficial photographer for taking the photos in blue jeans!)

Made new friends - Ramizah & Nathasha

Nathasha, Me, Syarehan & Ramizah

After the individual shots, came the group shots. The serious poses first then the funny ones. Group shots are tough. Each girl has to look right before the photo can even be considered.

In between shots :P

Turned out kinda cool huh..

Everyone wanted to see if they looked beautiful.. including me.. :P

My watch showed 415 by the time the shoot was done. Oh wow!! I had loads & loads of fun! It was a FANTASTIC experience! Thanx very x100 much to COSMOPOLITAN for giving me this oppurtunity and to my friends who made sure I sent in the form, lurv you guys!

Please vote for me okie. I'm not expecting much but there's no harm in trying. Click here to find out how to vote or just click on the photo below the header. Thanx so much guys! *hugzz all round* :)

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  1. u know i'm always saying you should model. ha tu dah have fun tu... *wink wink*

  2. elle: thanx so much! happy new year to you too! :)

  3. kit: i think it's fun coz it doesn't happen often.. lol.. ;)

  4. hii fatin, blogwalking here, nice blog...walking punye walking, and wonder, 'eh, ada plak muka minah nih skali ngan fatin' and im copy 2pic of u and ramizah, my sis.. = (a minah nih refer 2 ramizah my sis)..hehehe


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