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Prorance Sunny Glam Water Glow

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I've been trying out a lot of Korean makeup brands lately. Though I've only heard of Prorance recently. I've been told its been around for a while. I'm trying out the Sunny Glam Water Glow which is a skinfinish. It has a similar effect as the MAC skinfinish. This works really well for that "Mul-gwang" (물광) look. Watery Glow! The current Korean makeup trend.

The box is just as pretty as the compact

It comes with a flat brush that is stored in the compact

The color I have is M16 (Romantic Girl) and it's a beautiful marbled pinky bronze. I was hoping it would come out as a nice mix of the two colours but instead it is a very light pink shimmer. Personally I think it makes for a great highlighter.

Due to the shimmery finish, I brushed it lightly on my cheeks over a matte blusher just for that added glow. Too much and I might just look like an oily shimmer ball. *oily skin syndrome* 

gosh.. it was quite difficult to capture the effect..

The texture is very fine and it goes on really smoothly on my cheeks. You could also use this to highlight your brow bone, the inner conner of your eyes, nose bridge and other parts you can think of. Caution to the oily skin though.

The Sunny Glam Water Glow comes in a pretty plastic metalic compact and is available in 8 shades. It retails at RM49.90 at Sa Sa outlets.

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  1. nice ^___^ but i guess not suitable for shiny faces, add more shine? mine is in pinkish colors, yet to review it! :D

  2. yeah the effect might be a bit wrong, enhances the oiliness *horror*.. but a lil highlite won't hurt.. lol

  3. Packaging is so pretty~~ but not good for oily skin lol

  4. not too much, if not it'll be an "oily glow".. lol! not very nice..


Appreciate your comments >_<