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Avène Eau Thermale Sensitive White

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The last skin analysis I did was about 3 months back and the SA at the counter told me I had a bit of pigmentation already forming under the skin I was like, "Whatt?!! When did that happen??" I've been diligently using my sunblock every single day and still it comes out. *Hmm.. stress??*

About  month later I got a chance to try out Avène Eau Thermale SENSITIVE WHITE, their new range, thanks to I don't have sensitive skin but this was pleasant to use. Avène Sensitive White range is formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water which soothes, softens, contains anti-free radical properties which helps limits skin irritation. Natural Myrtle extract, for in depth action, helps regulate pigmentation by inhibiting melanin transfer to keratinocytes (epidermal cells). Ascorbyl glucoside, stabilized Vitamin C precursor, for surface action, through its high anti-oxidant activity, it accelarates cell renewal and inhibits excess melanin.

The thing is I don't have any visible pigmentation on the surface of my skin. But I do have acne scars of all kinds. By using Avène's new range I was trying to stop the pigmentation from coming to the surface *I haven't seen any so far, which is a good thing!*. In the process I noticed that my dark acne scars slowly lightened in 1 month, my skin tone evened out slightly and my complexion got brighter. Unexpected results!

Here's a step-by-step chart on how to apply the products. I started off by cleansing with my usual cleanser then went on to the Lotion, Essence and Fluid.

Step 1: Prepare - Sensitive White Whitening Lotion 100ml
A colourless lotion that smoothes and prepares the skin for application of the essence and fluid (moisturiser). It will optimize their penetration for better absorbtion and maximum result. It also wipes of traces of dirt and makeup from the cleansing step. It's very soothing and absorbs really fast. 

Step 2: Correct - Sensitive White Whitening Essence 50ml
The essence is lightweight, non-greasy and is highly concentrated to effectively fight the appearance of brown spots and keep a clear and translucent complexion. You're suppose to apply 2 pumps for the face and neck but in the mornings I apply only 1 pump, as I noticed it has a tendency to make my t-zone look shiny faster. This absorbs into my skin in just a few seconds.

Step 3: Sensitive White Whitening Fluid 50ml
Next the fluid aka moisturiser. It is lightweight with a milky texture.  It absorbs really fast with a non-greasy finish. My skin feels soft after absorption. The fluid helps to prevent formation of brown spots and discoloration for a fair complexion. I like the texture of this fluid!

I find that the Sensitive White range is great at hydrating my skin as well. I can see that my skin look fresh and hydrated right after applying the products. What's even better about this range is that its Fragrance-free, Paraben-free and Alcohol free. Yayy!!

Ooo my skin looks radiant and bright! *lol*

Avène Eau Thermale Sensitive White is the first whitening range I've tried. If you want to try out new products sign up at the Only Beauty site where you can read reviews from other users and review products as well. You might just find something that works for you!

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