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ViewPad Tablets are here!!

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...and I got to PLAY with it first!! * cheeky grinn*

Viewsonic recently launched the Viewpad 7 and Viewpad 10! Tablets are just the rage.

Viewpad 7

World's Slimmest, Multi-touch, All-In-One Tablet

This 7 inch baby (179 x 110 x 11.5mm) is powered by the latest Google Android 2.2 operating system and you can enjoy access to over 100,000 applications. It has full mobile phone functionality, computer and gaming capabilities. Work, lifestyle and entertainment has never gelled together so well!

You can surf the net, stay connected (yup there's WIFI) and will be able to access value-added services - Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Voice Search, plus 3G video calls, GPs navigation, dual sterao speakers, high-resolution entertainment, Documents-to-go to name a few.

And get this, it has Dual Webcams - Front & Back! It's a 3.0MP image quality and auto-focus lense. Did I hear you say "cam-whore"? * Oh yeah!!* It has a 512MB memory and supports microSD card for maximum 32GB storage and.. it has a mini USB 2.0.

You know what this means.. to all you bloggers out there, at 875g, blogging on the go has just been made easier! Also perfect for hours of queing up at a warehouse sale. Download a movie to keep you occupied hey, plus a bigger screen than your mobiles. *winks*

RRP: RM1,799.00

Viewpad 10

With a 10.1" screen and weighing at 875g, the Viewpad 10 is a dual-boot WiFi device that gives you a choice between Windows 7 Home Premium or Google Android.

With a high performance, high speed intel Atom N455 processor intergrated 1GB of memory, 16GB SSD hard drive and expandable micro SD slot, it is ideal for viewing Flash-based content and accessing Microsoft Office programs.

The 1024x600 LED backlit panel includes a G-sensor and capacitive multi-touch for intuitive navigation across multiple applications. With a 1.3MP webcam and a built in microphone, it's great for videoconferencing too.

This makes your laptop look soo yesterday! Bigger screen than the Viewpad 7, enjoy the effects loads better.

RRP: RM1,999.00

The Viewpad 7 and Viewpad 10 will be available in  Malaysia by mid-December 2010. Just in time for Christmas!! Wishlist!! *lol*

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  1. i want one!!!!!

  2. tell me about it.. i want one too!!

  3. wow!!! thanks for sharing!! so want this!!! have to save up now... i think this is much better for us than ipad right?
    where can i see and try to play around with it?

  4. now u write about gadget too huh!!!! LOL

  5. Tammy: i would lurv to get one! but am currently money-less! lol

  6. Pink Princess: its very user friendly (didn't want to let go of it after i was done playing with it.. lol)..

    compared to the ipad, the viewpad has an inbuilt camera plus a usb port which comes in really handy.. you should definitely check it out!

    it should be out by next week.. and here's a link to where you can find it.. :)

  7. Jean: turn techy for 1 day.. lol!!

  8. oh, hati ku gembira...........


    belum dapat. tapi cukup happy cos ada more than 1 choice now. hehehehe.

  9. kit: lol.. this one is a good contender.. should definitely check it out! ^^


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