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Plan B @ Bangsar Village

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Introducing Plan B.. *what was Plan A again? Ignore me.. :P* A new place to try out with quite a variety to choose from. It offers a breakfast menu thats til 6pm, salads, pastas, meat dishes and to top it all off, desserts! For drinks, there's the usual coffee (they use Illy), tea, fizzies, bottled water, beers and house wine.

I found it curious that water was served from a tinted bottle
Takes me way back to my science lab in school..

The decor is kept simple with a touch of warehouse meets storage space interior. I was fascinated by the fact that they were showing P Ramlee movies on big screen, yeah the black and white kind. Great way to reminisce about old times!

There might be some sort of strange experiment going on here.. :P

As I wondered about, I noticed the spacious cake display with loads of choices and the counter opposite the kitchen filled with more desserts, sweet & savoury muffins and pastries. Was getting hungry by then. The service was quite alright and to know how the food was, keep on reading.. :)

Savoury & Sweet Muffins, Plain & Almond Croissants, Scones, Brioche

Blueberry Cheesecake, Mixed Berry Tartlet, Chocolate Truffle Tort

Passion Fruit Tart, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Topping, Lamington, Caramel Bar, Rocky Road Bar

Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Flourless Orange Cake

Here's what I had..

Asparagus, Tomato & Mozarella Salad- RM7

Crisp fresh salad with vinaigrette dressing topped off with black sesame and toasted sliced almonds. The asparagus was lightly grilled which gave it that smokey taste which I liked. Ooo.. and the mozarella.. yummy and rather generous with it. 

Plan B Platter - RM22
Two eggs cooked to your preference, served on toast with turkey bacon, hash brown, breakfast sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms & roasted tomatos + fresh orange juice & a choice of coffee or tea.

Scrambled eggs were slightly runny just the way I like it. Lurv the whole grain toast it was served on. Chicken sausage and turkey ham lightly grilled. Hash brown was well cooked and seasoned.  Liking the sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with a generous drizzle of olive oil. Baked beans had a twist to it, cooked with diced tomatoes, minced beef and seasoned with herbs. The OJ had no sugar added to it, refreshing. Cappucino - Illy coffee, need I say more. An American breakfast that really fills you up for a reasonable price.

Wagyu Beef Pie - RM19
Tender wagyu chunks, carrots, shallots & button mushrooms in hearty gravy.

I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this premium cut beef. The first bite was juicy and succulent! It was tender, hence there was no need for vigorous chewing.. lol.  The carrots and shallots tasted sweet from being infused with meaty juices. The gravy was definitely hearty, thick and tasted good. A bit more gravy would have been great though. But I found the puff pastry to be a tad bit thick. Otherwise, I quite enjoyed the beef pie!

Lemon Tart - RM10
(aka Lemon Meringue Tart)
Pastry base with lemon curd filling topped with a light meringue.

Finally, a Lemon Curd that's sharp and smooth with just enough sugar to balance out the flavour. And I could taste that slight hint of butter. Really nice! The meringue is light and sweet which complemented the lemon curd really well. The pastry is light and buttery. Definitely try this!

This was my first visit there, which was their first week of opening around end of November. I went for a second visit the week after and noticed that there was just too many people and some people had to be turned away as the couldn't cope with the volume. I was lucky enough to get a table but the service was ridiculously slow. I think it's best to avoid peak hours especially lunch at weekends. But yeah I'll definitely go back to try out more desserts! *winks*

Where is it?
Plan b.
G5, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village 1
Bangsar, KL
Opens for breakfast til 10pm
(Pork Free)

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  1. Lemon pie so yummieee!!!
    Been wanting to try tis place, many good reviews abt them :)

  2. I chuckled when I read your first sentence in he intro

  3. thanks for the heads up at cafes in bangsar! making a trip there, will try this out!

    xoxo elle
    ps: thanks for ya wishes!


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