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Bad Hair Experience @ Hair Atelier Jaya One

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A few weeks ago I was given a voucher from Hair Atelier Jaya One entitling me to do any type of hair treatment worth a certain amount. Realising that it was going to expire 30/11/10, I called up the Jaya One branch last week to make an apointment. Asking to make an apopintment for Tuesday 30/11, the guy who answered the phone said they are closed on Tuesdays. So I explained to him about my voucher that expires on Tuesday 30/11 and asked if it would be possible for me to come on Wednesday, since it's only the day after expiration. He said it was ok. I asked again to make sure. He confirmed I could still use it on Wednesday 1/12/10.

Hair Atelier Jaya One 1/12/10
When I got there I told the person at the counter that I had an appointment at 12 and handed over my voucher. I was shown to my seat and a towel was put on my shoulders prepping me for a wash when the Creative Stylist came over to inform me that I could not use my voucher as it had expired. I explained to him the phone conversation when I made my appointment and he said he will ask the manager.

A few minutes later a woman came over and told me again that my voucher had expired and I could not use it. According to her it was company policy not to accept expired vouchers and offered me another voucher worth RM50 which could be used for treatments as well. (My expired voucher was worth a lot more than RM50). At this point of time I was already getting agitated. I explained to her my phone conversation. Her defense was  the guy who answered the phone was the shampoo boy and he did not know anything. How lame is that?!? In a addition to that she told me that I should have known better than to leave it til the last minute to use the voucher and that I should have come earlier. Imagine that!! She tried to put the blame on me for not coming earlier. I told her I was busy working and it was next to impossible for me to make it in November. Trying very hard not to break into curse words, I told her I took the afternoon off work, came all the way from Ampang by LRT and cab to get to Jaya One thinking that I could still use my voucher as per phone conversation. I asked her that if the boy didn't know anything then why was he put to answer the phone?? If he didn't know what was going on why didn't he ask some one who did before confirming with me?? The employee is the agent of the company and therefore represents it. I obviously kicked a fuss as it was a waste of my time, effort and money going all the way to PJ to get hair treatment done. My travel expenses was RM20, which I could have put to better use!

If they didn't accept expired vouchers they should have made it clear to me during the phone conversation, upon which I would not have bothered going. At this time, the woman said she will call the manager to ask again. A few minutes later she came back and said they will accept the voucher and do the treatment for me just this time. *I should've known better than to go through with it!!*

After the shampoo boy washed my hair which was not properly done as my scalp still felt unclean, the Creative Stylist started with the moisturising treatment with my hair. The question that came next appalled me! He asked if I permed my hair?? Now, if you're a true professional you should already be able tell whether my curls are natural or permed. He failed to tell the difference!! He then asked how do I usually style me hair. I responded that I usually just blow dry it out as it is much easier to handle.

Upon finishing the treament and having the cream like mix in my hair washed out, he asked if I wanted to leave my naturally curly hair as it is. I told him I would like to blow dry curl. He said that he will try a "New Style" of blow drying my hair. He will blow dry straight on top and leave my bottom curls. I told me it will not work as my hair is really frizzy. He did not listen and  proceeded with his "New Style". I sat there knowing how my hair would turn out like *They just don't listen to customers do they?!*

Rightly so, after the Creative Stylist was done styling my hair, it looked utterly frizzily crap!! I was just so pissed off, I tied up my hair and got up to leave. Before I left, he had the cheek to give me his card and that RM50 voucher the woman offered me earlier. I walked out of Hair Atelier Jaya One looking like a hideous frizz ball with itchy scalp!!! One of the worst yet coming from a so-called professional!!

Does this look moisturised to you??
Notice how my left side is frizzily straight..

This made my curls looked sad & lifeless!
Notice how my right side has a frizzily straight top and curls at the ends..
It's amazing how both sides look like they don't belong to the same head!

Here's what I don't get, if you don't know how to handle curly hair then make it clear to the customer. My hair wasn't even moisturised after the so-called moisturising treatment. It still looked dry, and hardly any softer than my usual home treatment that I do. My hair looks a whole lot better with me styling it myself than what he did to it.

I'm not only appalled by the service but even more with the moisturising treatment that did not do anything much to my hair. And the so-called "new style" of blow drying my hair was just pure rubbish!!


Blow Dry Straight
Here's how my hair looks like after getting a wash & blow from my stylist, who has over 20 years experience with all things hair.

Notice how shiny, smooth and lustrous my locks look.

Blow Dry Curl
This curl look was done by Rave from Kimarie at Sungei Wang.

Beautiful smooth curls!


On both occasions no "moisturising treatment" was done, just the usual wash with shampoo & conditioner, and yet my hair looked fabulous walking out of the salon, which should be the case. The results are the same every single time I go to my stylist or Rave!

Now tell me how is it that I managed to look like a hideous frizz ball coming out of Hair Atelier Jaya One? They put themselves out to be professionals and hair experts. But I strongly beg to differ!!

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  1. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! to hear this happened to you! i had a better experience with creative stylist will! i think the guy who did yours was... >_< and the way they handle your voucher.. >_< ???? don't they know you're promoting them on print via pantene hait atelier blogger party?!

  2. not promoting them anymore.. maybe they were just being nice for pantene's sake.. disappointing!!

  3. appalling service!!

  4. i know right.. especially coming from a "fancy" salon..

  5. fatin, please email this to the people who gave you the voucher. hopefully they will see what a MESS they made of your beautiful hair.

    buat kerja macam tak ikhlas je. work that doesn't come from the heart SHOWS. aiyoooo.

    well. i won't go there now.

  6. That's terrible! No way I am going there!

  7. Gosh.. No offense but your hair looks really horrible after the 'treatment'! So drryyyy~~~ I wonder if he did it on purpose because of the voucher?

  8. kit: tammy posted it up on their fb! i was just speechless when i saw the end result..

  9. anonymous: i'm all for that!

  10. isabel: i'm not surprised if it was because of the voucher.. they should have called it the "drying treatment"..


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