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I'm a Finalist for COSMOPOLITAN Cover Star Search!!!

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VOTE FOR ME - C06!! :)

If you've already seen the January 2011 issue of COSMOPOLITAN, YES I'm one of the 10 Finalist for the Cover Star Search!! Yes that's me at 06 in the pretty blue dress smiling strangely! Lol!!

Regardless, I'm phreaking excited about it! And yes I'll do a full post of my experience with behind the scenes photos sometime this week. But before that, I'm gonna ask a big huge favour from you guys.. VOTE FOR ME!!! Pretty Please.. *big smiles*

You can either vote via SMS (which only takes you a few minutes) or send in the voting form in the COSMO issue (I know there are some of you that lurv going to the post office.. I do to! Lol..).

To vote via SMS, type:
(EG: LIZA RAHIM 821215145038 and SEND to 32733

(EG: COSMO COVERSTAR C06) and send to 32733

To vote via voting form: Buy COSMO January 2011 issue RM5.50, fill in the form - Tick C06 and fill in your particulars, put it in an envelope and post it via normal post, registered post or pos laju it!

Now here's the best part - By voting you stand a chance to win great prizes from CLINIQUE and GUESS worth RM500!! Now there's a great reason to vote! :)

Will I vote for myself? YES I WILL! *lol*

The  girl who wins the Cover Star Search will appear on the Cover of April 2011 issue. How cool is that?? Okie, I'm not putting my hopes up too high, I'm just super excited to be a finalist.. but it's worth a try right.. ;)

A huge thank you if you guys decide to vote for me and for your wonderful support. I appreaciate it loads!! Much lurv! :)

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  1. Congrats! Sure i vote u lah :D

  2. U look bone-y and old. Not cosmo kinda girl. Definitely will not vote for u.

  3. thank you very x10 much reena! ^_^

  4. wowww~ soo pretty! congrats! will be rooting for u! xoxo-Michelle

  5. anonymous: And yet I'm a Finalist! You better tell that to COSMO yaw! Lol!!

  6. SS: thank you very very much michelle!! ^^

  7. what's with the hater??

    at least have the decency and good manners to leave your name, if u insist on letting the world know ur ugly msg.

    let's fill this world (cyber and real) with love :-) peace out

    vote for peace (and fatin)!!

  8. wow.. finalist.. bravo to u.. u earn my vote ^^

  9. anonymous supporter: you raawwk!! listen to the message yaw, here's one for peace! :) & me.. lol!!

  10. fruity puplicious: thanx very much fruity!! :)

  11. Fatin, you look fabulous in Cosmo! You have my vote(s)...:)

    p/s: Ignore the hater, I bet that person is one twisted and confirmed fat individual!!

  12. Congratulations Fatin!! As always, u look gorgeous!!!

    Side note to Andrew Gan : Lets not discriminate against FAT people shall we? Or have the assumption that FAT people are rude & are obsessed with hating thinner people. Get a grip of yourself. Which planet did u come from?? The Apes??

  13. andrew: thanx so much for your wonderful support! =) but lets not assume such things about "the hater", though she/he/it is definitely twisted..

  14. anonymous supporter no.2: thanx soo much!! i'm feeling loads of lurv coming from you.. :)

  15. I googled Football Masters and your blog came up , clicked on it and saw the Cosmo contest entry , read it and thought ... any girl who blogs about the Football Masters deserves my vote , so ... you got one from me !!

    All the best , Fatin ... :)

  16. aww thanx loads azri!! :) MU rawkkss!!


Appreciate your comments >_<