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Brownie & Xmas Log @ Coffee Bean

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I always look forward to Christmas. Who doesn't right.. But the one thing I lurv about it all are the cakes and desserts!! No surprise there, it's me we're talking about here. Lol! Given, that choices are not as much as Christmas in England but I've found quite a few yummy things here too..

Coffee Bean has managed to get me hooked on their Chocolate Virginia Brownie and Classic Log Cake!! *drooling endlessly*

Chocolate Virginia Brownie - RM8.90
Brownie filled with raspberry jam and pistachio nuts.

The waving Santa is ineadible so don't nibble.. *winks*

I haven't had this type of brownie in a long while.. Dense, rich, chewy & IntensE!! I'm totally in lurv with it. The chocolate is heavy, the chopped pistachios generous and the light spread of raspberry jam broke the monotony of the chocolate to enable you to have the whole piece to yourself and more. I had this 4 times in the past week!!
You have to try this!!
I super this brownie!!
*Tip: Wait about 5-10 minutes before eating to let it soften a lil.

Classic Log Cake - RM10.90
Get a log of this! A whirl of dark chocolate mousse encased in a light vanilla Swiss roll coated in rich mocha ganache.

Everything about this log was so smooth! The mousse is light with a heavy chocolate taste. The mocha ganache is wonderfully rich! Lovely!!
You have to try this too!! ^^

Either drop by your nearest Coffee Bean or find out what other cakes they have especially for Xmas here.

Guessing I'm gonna hunt down more Xmas yummies for you.. You got that right!! And totally gonna enjoy it. :)

*Note: I can't remember the exact price, so let me know if I got them wrong. :)

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