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Toc Toc BB Cream

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I've always been quite sceptical about BB Creams. From what I've seen it's generally catered for someone with fair skin and I have never found a shade that suits my medium skin tone despite the fact the I've been told by some SA's eager to make a sale that BB Cream will blend into my skin tone regardless how light the shade is. Obvious sales pitch!

So I was quite eager to try out the Toc Toc Whitening & Wrinkle Repair Blemish Balm Tinted Lotion with SPF 15 (Toc Toc BB Cream SPF 15) that I recently got my hands on. Toc Toc is a Korean brand which was introduced in Malaysia in January 2008.

It contains arbutin and andenosine that lightens pigmentation, plumps wrinkles, eases fine lines and soothes redness and inflammation, foster cell repair and strengthen skin's elasticity and immunity to environmental aggressors. It's also suitable for all skin types. That's quite a lot to live up to!

Squeezing it out of the tube, it was obvious that the shade was light with a slight pink tint. Hmm wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out as I have a strong yellow undertone. The texture is light and creamy and easy to apply with a subtle sunblock-like scent which I didn't mind.

I applied a base before putting on the BB Cream. With one layer my face was already looking fairer. I dabbed some on directly onto my acne scars hoping it could hide it but it didn't do very much. As I have combination-oily skin I always finish off with a matte finish loose powder which helps to set the foundation that I have on. By this time the white overcast became more obvious. My face looked whole lot whiter than my neck as well.

I looked pinkish with a white overcast with BB Cream (R)

After about an hour later my skin started getting oily. My skin got oilier faster than when I'm using my usual foundation. I looked shinier than I normally do throughout the day which I wasn't too happy about. :(

So here it is, I think Toc Toc BB Cream SPF15 with its light coverage would be more suitable for fairer, normal-dry skin with minimal imperfections.

You can also get Toc Toc BB Cream in SPF30 with higher coverage. But with a higher SPF, the texture is a bit thicker with a stronger white overcast. It made my skin look slightly greyish. Keep in mind this is for my medium skin tone. Like the SPF15 it would blend in a lot better for lighter skin tones.

As much as I would like this BB Cream to work for me, it doesn't. *would have been much cheaper than my RM160 foundation if it did though.. sigh*

Toc Toc BB Cream is available at Sa Sa outlets and retails at RM39.90.

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