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Xmas '10 with The Body Shop

By 13:25

Give the Gift of Joy

Xmas with The Body Shop (TBS) is guaranteed to  be FUN!! I was at the Xmas preview last week and the promotions are awesome. I was spoilt for choice. It didn't help that the atmosphere was just so festive, it made me wanna shop more *sigh.. if only my credit card was unlimited..*

The much anticipated Xmas limited editions are back! The yummy Cranberry Joy, Spiced Vanilla *reminds me of cake!! lurv it to bits!* and Jolly Orange all come in gifts sets or individual pieces if you fancy them for yourself or a mix-and-match gifts sets. Gift sets starts from RM25 onwards and there are loads to choose from.

Fruity Lip Balm Lollies are adorable! - RM90

Spiced Vanilla, Jolly Orange & Cranberry Joy *LE!*
Shower, Scrub & Moisture Collection - RM129 only!!
This set is a must have!

Cranberry Joy *oh joy!* - LE!! RM22-RM99

Dreams Unlimited
Gift Box containing EDP 50ml, Shower Gel 200ml + Body Lotion 200ml - RM 215
*A Perfect Reason To Buy This: You can get the Parfum Bottle ENGRAVED!!*

Gifts Under RM50

Passion Fruit & Dewberry Shower Gels - RM45

Various Gift Sets from RM30, RM50 and RM189

Essential Oils & Diffuser

Animal Soap Gift - RM33
Yes it's soap not those gummi bear candy, so make sure the lil ones don't happily start biting on it.. lol

Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower & Moisture Set - RM36
Pink & Chic, perfect for your girlfriends..

To look super gorgeous for the holidays, you just have to check out The Joy of Sparkle, the Winter Trend for 2010 with TBS. There are two palletes with beautiful rich colours that will enhance your gorgeousness even more.

Eye Palette: Midnight -RM89

Eye Palette : Twilight -RM89

L-R: Eye Palette, Liquid Eyeliner in Starlight, Love Gloss - RM39, The Sparkler Automizer - RM99, Sparkle Nail Colour, Glitter Pot - RM39.90

Star Dust Glitter Pot: Gold & Pink RM39.90 each

Mini makeover by Azza! - Winner of TBS Make Up Competition 2010

Azza used Star Dust Glitter Pot in Gold and Midnight Eye Palette
I'm ready for a party!! My glittery gold eyes rock thanx to Azza!! :)

After some self-indulgent shopping, yummy food and too many candy canes later..

With Nicole being fed full with Candy Cane
*sugar high* :p

With Jennifer ^^

Azza :)

With Zul, 1st runner up for TBS Make-Up Competition 2010 :)

Fatin & Fatin! Lol!
First time I've taken a photo with someone of the same name.. Cool yaww!!

In the midst of all the joy, TBS always supports Community Fair Trade. After 23 years, TBS ensure that suppliers are justly rewarded for their skill and expertise by paying a fair price by cutting out the middle man. This allows producers to build their livelihoods and introduce educational and health benefits to their communites. TBS has also started introducing bottles made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is using more recycled content in its gift-packaging as wells as continuing to source paper from FSC-certified forest.

You know Christmas won't be complete without The Body Shop. So get yourself off that chair and head to your nearest outlet. Mine would be KLCC.. *winks*

If you wanna make a shopping list first, go to

Oh and check out Azza's & Zul's creative works at TBS Make-Up Competition 2010 here. :)

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  1. Soooo sad I missed the first half of the event! Would love to take pics with then pretty beings!!! I also din c the palettes! Argh!!! I got the le cranberry set!!


  2. Tammy why are you anonymous? lol!

    You left early too!! Those beings were still around..

    I wanna get the Spiced Vanilla now.. I lurv smelling like cake! lol!!

  3. Lurve ur curls and ur eye makeup is awesomely glitter!! haha The pink set is so lovely! Sigh why so many things r so pretty during XMAS??


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