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I Met Maroon 5 in KL!!

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I know this is a tad bit late but.. I MET MAROON 5!! Wasn't that worth the wait. Lol!! Yes I'm dead serious, No I'm not joking. Photo proof! Look... *grins, smiles, cackles*

And YES, Adam Levine was beyond super hawtness in person!! I shook his hand and James, Mickey, Ryan and Jesse! At that point of time I said I was never going to wash my hand again but considering the hassle of wearing a single glove or permanently wrapping my hand in cling wrap and most of all the hygiene issue, it wasn't possible. But it will be a day that will live forever in my mind as one of the best days ever!!

I'm not sure what it smelled of but i touched Adam Levine!!!

Who do I have to thank for this, one of my mates, Nick. Yeap he's the grinning one in the photo who is trying to pass off as one of the band members. Lol!!

Journey to the Meet & Greet

"The Pass"

That's grinning Nick

The tunnel will lead me there..


Waiting patiently...


After the short yet sweet squealing episode, we walked back to the free standing area to wait for the concert to start. Because we were still wearing the "Meet & Greet" tags, some girls came over to ask how we got them. The power of a credit card!

Sound check and then awesomeness began! Non stop screaming with Adam Levine prancing around on stage with the band playing their hearts out. They played their hits from previous albums which made the crowd screamed more. Harder to breath, Sunday Morning, Misery and then there it was She Will Be Loved!! My turn to scream my lungs out!

They played some songs from their latest album as well, but I still fancy their older hits. More catchy and with heart!


Super awesome concert!! Maroon 5 rocks to the max!! Adam Levine so hawwt & sexy!! *still screaming*

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  1. i love maroon 5!!!

  2. that nick is one handsome fellow. hahaha

  3. Anonymous: i lurv them too!!!

  4. Nik: sure he is grinning nick! *awkwarrdd.. hahaha*

  5. Awesome! I am seeing them in August for a Meet and Greet as well. I'm so excited!! :) Your post made me even MORE EXCITED!

  6. KariKai: It's worth the wait!! I'm super excited for you too! Have a rocking time!! I still can't get it out of my head.. ^^


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