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Benefit Brow Shaping Workshop & Raising Eyebrows Book Launch

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My FIRST Benefit post! Shocker! You'd think after blogging for nearly three years I would have mentioned Benefit at some point of time right. I suppose it never came up but Maybe Baby, Benetint, Thrrrob and Posie Tint are still firm favourites. I've never done a post on any one of the products because there's really nothing left to say since they've all been reviewed to death. Well there's always a first...

I attended a Bloggers Workshop on Brow Shaping and Raising Eyebrows Book Launch on Saturday courtesy of Tammy. Curious on what Benefit had to say on brows since they are dubbed "The Brow Authority" and have been shaping brows for over 35 years. I've always been told "The Brows Frames The Face". Never really took all too seriously until I found the right person to do my brows and I've stuck to her ever since. *relief*

The workshop was organised in conjunction with Cameron Tuttle's latest book, Raising Eyebrows - Your Personal Guide To Fabulous Brows. In it, anything and everything you need to know about brows, from the history right up to turning you brows into eye candy! Known from her 'The Bad Girl's' series of books, this latest one is an exciting insight to brows and I think it's brilliant! However this book is not available in Malaysia but you can get it from Benefit Cosmetics website from $16.95. It really is a shame that it's not available here because there are just loads of Benefit fans here that would get it in a heart beat. Hopefully they will reconsider and put it up as a gwp.

The workshop was a good way to learn on how to shape and maintaing your brows. There are two parts to Benefit's eye brow shaping. First the mapping then the waxing.  No treasure maps here just a method developed by Benefit's brow expert to determine the perfect brow shape for your face. The mapping process is relatively simple as long as you get the steps right.

see full details here

After you have done all that, you go on to shaping the brows. Here's where the waxing comes in. Benefit's experts say waxing is the best way to keep your brows to stay in shape for a longer time as it gets the hairs out from the roots making regrowth slower. The same would apply to tweezing but there is always that possibility of over tweezing which is an absolute nightmare. What ever you do, do not shave! It could lead to a number of problems, ingrowns, cuts, coarser regrowth and worst of all getting the wrong shape!

As I just recently got my brows shaped, I couldn't try out the waxing on Saturday itself. Perhaps I'll give it a go if I ever leave my brows overgrowing recklessly. Hmm.. that might take a while though because I'm pretty good when it comes to maintenance. *winks* So here's photos of Tammy getting her brows waxed instead at Benefit's Brow Bar.

When it comes to maintenance, it's best not to touch the areas closest to the shaped brow but definitley tweeze out any strays that have grown out. If you're confident with trimming any long bits then by all means go ahead. But if you're not sure what you're doing, slowly put down the scissors, walk away from the mirror and get yourself to a brow expert as soon as possible before disaster strikes! Trust me, it's not pretty.

If you haven't tried waxing why not drop by Benefit's Brow Bar. The process is easy, quick and you will be walking away with fab brows in no time. They also offer waxing services for lip, chin and sides. The prices are:

Brow arch RM38
Brow & Lip RM 55
Chin & Lip RM55
Chin RM30
Lip RM25

Benefit is also offering a FREE Brow Service on Your Birthday (or birthday week)! No purchase necessary. Seriously! All you need is a valid government issued identification. No substitution and non-transferable.  One free brow arch per person per year. Terms and conditions apply. Pretty cool right!

So if you're interested in getting your brows arched, lips, chin and sides waxed just call to make an appointment.

Benefit KLCC: 03-2164 2187
Benefit Parkson Pavilion: 03-21414601
Benefit 1 Utama (New Wing): 03-7725 3566

After this: I'm still deciding.. Keeping you guys curious. :P

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  1. woah..didn't realize i look so in pain.. that's just my.. focus biatch look. Trying hard not to move in case of an opsy! :) but the brow expert is not bad, fast at stripping the hairs off my brow :)

    agree the book should be sold here!!! i wonder why it's not being sold... *big question*

  2. you have a very nice pair of brows fatin, wink2 I'm not very good with tweezers unfortunately, but seriously their brow wax service is not painful at all, threading and tweezing are more painful to me,, lol

  3. I tried this once and I love it!!!

  4. Tammy: hahah.. really didn't look like you're in pain though. the results look great!

    Ayna: thanx so much! :) i remember watching you getting your brows done with them a while back. turned out looking great!

    Traclyn: good feedback all round. looks like i really have to try it. ^^

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