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Update: IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign

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'My IDI Mug Shot'

Earlier in the week I said I was suppose to get another product. Well, picked up Step-7 on Friday. Brought along my camera this time and got the very helpful Ching to help snap a pic of me with the IDI Super Fan Campaign Card. Was dying to overpose or do my superhero pose but decided not to. Might scare him. Lol!

The missing Step-7 is:
Lab 0.20 [pro] TriAction Age Defender Cream 
  • Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing
  • Hydrating & Enriching Skin With Antioxidant Properties 
Wrinkles? Ageing?! Cripes, I suddenly feel so old. Anyways, it has been about 11 days since I started using the rest of the products minus the TriAction Age Defender. I have noticed a few changes to my skin. But first I have to tell about the mini panic attack I had the first few days I used the products. 

The arrows point to the breakout area.
(Please ignore my bare-face and terrible eye bags.)

I brokeout! Not like the tiny acne or whitehead kind. The big painful kind concentrated at my chin area. Talk about my ovaries having issues with IDI. I started using the products on Thursday and when I woke up on Friday all hell broke loose. Huge bits on my chin. Thought to myself that if i did not get better, might trot over to the clinic and get it sorted out. But luckily by Monday I saw some sign of it calming down. A few days later it healed but there still are a few small ones that have appeared though not as bad as the ones on Friday morning.

On a happier note, I noticed my cheeks looking clearer and my scars have slowly started to lighten. There might be hope after all..

Now that my skincare steps are complete, I will start reviewing the products individually very soon.

Note:  I was told by Juliana that I only need to use a small amount of each product since IDI formulations are rather concentrated. This means they will last longer. *smile*  

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  1. breakout at chin area is a signal that your "usus" part got problem..maybe u've constipation?? I always have breakout around my chin when I din go toilet for few days..

  2. hmm.. maybe I need to go on detox programme.. or take supplements for my usus..

    you have to eat lotsa fruits & veg.. papaya always helps.. :)

  3. just to say that I'm following the progess of IDI-testers with interest.

  4. woah cool i been waitin for my pic from them to be up at the fb n youtube for so long!

    my email also din reply sigh..

  5. Fatin,
    Good to hear that there are improvement.

    Sorry for the late reply. One leg kick at moment.

  6. Omg! Ching left a comment.. Lol..

    There are still tiny bits coming out though.. Very troublesome this acne-prone skin..


Appreciate your comments >_<