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Sanrio Shop @ Isetan Lot 10

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For Hello Kitty Fans! - I came across the Sanrio outlet on 2nd Floor of Isetan Lot 10 last but didn't have my camera at the time to take pics, of the poster at least, as no photography of any kind of the outlet is allowed.

The Hello Kitty brooches are soo cute!! I'm getting one soon!

Apart from these, the outlet has a whole range of things - pouches, purses, stationery, accessories, key chains etc. But the bag selection are adorable. They are also bags with prints of My Melody and Badtz Maru, though the choices for these are limited.

According to the Isetan Newsletter 23 April - 13 May, there are some promotions for Hello Kitty bags. Go check it out.

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  1. i was a crazy hello kitty fan in my younger days.. but not anymore now.. outgrown hello kitty n mac cosmetics say hello kitty is not a cat but a girl, a fashionable girl.

    so that put me off... for good

    anyway the brooch is super cute.. n tempting..

    but.. thinking about it's not a kitty.. =_= heck! no way anymore

  2. nooo! don't listen to mac!

    wikipedia says it a cat! i say it's an adorable fashionable cat!

    and the brooch is too cute to resist.. :P


Appreciate your comments >_<