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Himalaya Herbal Shampoo Launch

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If you are into herbal products then you should check out Himalaya's latest range of herbal shampoo which contains 100% herbal actives for all hair types. Hair is provided with protein nourishment to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and prevent dandruff.

See that photo of the model with the lustrous hair?
Well, there was a contest to replicate the pose by the poster model to win a Himalaya hamper worth RM1,000! Wonder who won...

(Far right) Mr Vineet Jain, Marketing Personal Care Division - South East Asia
(Second from right) Harith Iskandar - Actor/Comedian

The New Range
1) Anti-Dandruff Shampoo : Gentle Clean, Soothing and Moisturising, Volume and Bounce
2) Anti-Hair FAll Shampoo
3) Protein Conditioner : Colour Protect, Repair and Regeneration, Softness and Shine
4) Protein Shampoo : Extra Moisturising, Gentle Daily Care, Volume and Bounce, Colour Protect, Repair and Regeneration, Softness and Shine

You know when you are told not too wash your hair everyday as it might dry out your hair, well the new gentle, protein enriched, 100% herbal active shampoo, you can actually wash it everyday if you want to. Three reasons why:
1) The foaming agents which are naturally derived are gentle on the keratin or natural proteins of hair.
2) Support normail oil secretion - Himalaya's shampoos do not cause scalp buildup and hence they faciltate normail oil secretion from the scalp, making hair healthy and reducing hair call.
3) Natural ingredients for nourishment and protein - Himalaya's shampoos are enriched with extracts of Kachang Kuda, Buah Chermai, Black Myrobalan, Eclipta, Licorice, Henna and Beach Almond that makes the shampoo gentle and perfect for everyday use.

A new range is incomplete without a new, clean and classy packaging. The new form and graphics has a fresh 'look & feel' the the range of shampoo and conditioner. Despite the new look, Himalaya continues to represent a "hard-working herbal branch with products that are safe, efficacious and backed by modern scientific research". Now if you are looking for a herbal range that offer value for money, go ahead and try this.. and let me know how it fairs. :)

Getting my hair analysis done
The result: Healthy Normal Scalp! Yay for my scalp!!

Himalaya provided free professional health checks for customers

Himalaya's latest range is already available at all leading pharmacies, supermkarkets, hypermarkets and Himalaya retail outlets.

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  1. may i knw whr d mall is? i would like to get my scalp analyze too..or is it jz for d roadshow? :S

  2. hi anynomous :)
    it was just for the road show.. but i will post it up if they are doing another one..


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