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If you guys have noticed at the bottom of some of my recent posts, a lot of the photos have been taken using the latest Samsung Galaxy Camera. I decided to give MRZ and his  fab 'I swear by fancy camera' a break and took some outfit shots with the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

It was bright out and I had high hopes that the photos would turn out great. I tried a few settings and eventually just ended up using auto because I couldn't get the shots I wanted. With auto, the photos turned out dark and rather unattractive. You must be wondering, "Didn't she use the flash?" Well, I did but my face turned out white. Since I was in a hurry I didn't have time to try out the manual settings. These two photos have been heavily edited to make sure they look acceptable. *sigh*

Top: Bershka | Shorts: Nike | Suspenders: Topman

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  1. Guess this camera is abit wee too complicated to use eh? >_<

  2. I think it needs a little getting used to. Still have another week to play around with it. :)

  3. hmm... dunno y i always doubt samsung camera.. LOL
    but then their phone camera is really good (compare to other phone camera of cox).. =p

  4. lol!! i'm still paying around with it. we'll see in a few days if i decide to like it. :P

  5. Hi Fatin,

    Sorry to have to comment here, i wrote yo you with my information for the enchanteur giveaway but yet to receive a respond, hope u hv received it.

    can't wait to try out the new fragrance.


Appreciate your comments >_<